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Saturday, September 18, 2010

SEW THIS: Monogrammed Burp Cloths

Just when you thought we were done with babay showers... now everyone is having their baby!  And I know, I know, you just gave them a nice gift for their shower, but my parents always taught me never to show up empty handed, so it's nice to have a small token when you visit mama and baby in the hospital, or the first time you meet the munchkin.
And while you are giving them a gift anyhow... why not make it personal? I am pretty much obsessed with anything monogrammed anyway, so I very much enjoy monogrammed baby gifts.
I am pretty sure that everyone in blagland but me already knew about THIS fab little tutorial for burp cloths from 'homemade by jill' if you don't know about it... check it out, she's got a pattern and everything, and I basically used her pattern and tutorial, but added my own little flair. (You know how i feel about following directions...)
Here's how I did it...

I started by cutting out my fabric using her pattern. One side Is white flannel, one a cotton print, and they recommend putting a layer of quilt batting in the middle... but i didn't have any. What I did have... were a bunch of cloth diapers I had purchased for another project... so I cut several layers of those (about a 1/4 inch smaller than the other two) to use as my middle layer.
I wanted to add an initial for Baby Z, so I did so on the flannel side using the applique method HERE. I also added a pink ribbon that I just stitched down behind the applique.
 Next I lined up my fabric, flannel and cotton print with wrong sides together, and the diaper cloth/batting in the middle. Pin it all together.

 I sewed a double seam around the edge in a contrasting thread... for several reasons: 1) I think it looks cute 2) Because the edges will be fringed/frayed, I wanted to be extra sure it wouldn't fall apart. 3) I wanted to be sure that inner seam caught the inner fabric so it would move, and the outer seam closed it off so that inner fabric was not exposed.

Last I clipped all around the outside edge right up to the outer seam, (I didn't take a picture of this step...) then pop it in the wash and dryer to fray the edges.... And done!

I rolled mine and tied them with a ribbon and they are ready as a sweet little gift for Baby Z when I get to meet her (maybe?!) sometime next week! Yeah! :)

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