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Friday, May 11, 2012

100 things

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I want less stuff.
The stuff in my house-- in my life-- has reached an out-of-control level. There is too much of it. It is wearing me out and holding me back. It needs to go.
I've been saying this for several months and I haven't done a darn thing about it. It's time for action. It's time to challenge myself to make something happen. Or make 100 things happen. Or make 100 things stop happening in my house. But I'm getting ahead of myself...
This morning I was again lamenting the amount of stuff in my house and my inability to control it, and all of a sudden a number popped in my head. 100. I need to get rid of 100 things.
Not really sure what those 100 things are going to be, but I am beyond certain I have several hundred items in my house that I could do away with and never miss. To 'get rid of' things, I can throw away, give away, donate, or sell the items.
So challenge for me is: Get rid of 100 things by next Friday. One week from today.
I am serious. I warned my husband this was going to happen. I told him to nail down anything important, because I am cleaning this place out. And I am talking about it here, so you can keep me accountable. I will make a list of the 100 things and let you know how it goes.

Would you... consider taking my challenge with me? Maybe you find yourself in the same boat with too much stuff and you are ready to dump 100. Maybe 100 seems like a big number, but you want to dump 30 things. Maybe you aren't ready for that kind of sorting, but you can challenge yourself to get rid of one thing a day. Would you consider challenging yourself as well, then sharing with me your experience?
Maybe you already live simply and minimally and you have great tips, and want to be a cheerleader-- would you consider sharing your story?
Leave a comment and let me know!

See you next week- with LESS STUFF to talk about!
I'm pumped.


  1. I'm in!! I've been thinking about this a lot lately...and doing it along side someone else may just be the motivation I need! :)

    1. Great, Angela! I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

  2. I'm in too! I just loaded up about 45 things. I didn't want to commit to a number, but I might just make it to 100 too!! :-)

    thanks for this.

    1. Great Lisa! When I started 100 seemed like a pretty big number, now that I am clearing out and counting as I go I am going to reach 100 in no time. I had nearly 100 just after clearing out books and old magazines!

  3. That sounds amazing. Just think...100 less things to pick up or clean! I def. want to do this.

    1. Right? I feel like the more stuff i get rid of the more time I have!