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About Me

HEY! I am so glad you stopped by my blog, and terribly flattered you liked it enough to click on the tab for info about me! Wowsers, do I feel like a superstar or what???

So here are the essentials: My name is Valerie. I am a midwest girl, born and raised. Still living in KS with my charming Husband Zachary, who most often, I refer to as just 'Z'. (It's my nickname for him... but I don't really like it when other people call him that. It's mine. I'm needy like that.) We got married May 2010 and (I know you think I'm probably biased, but...) it was the coolest wedding I have ever been to. We have two fluffy white 'boys', Winston Grace and Charlie. They are the coolest, craziest dogs in the world and they are spoiled like crazy. We call ourselves 'Mom' and 'Dad' all the time in reference to our boys... because we are that kind of people. We are expecting our first 'real' (read: human) child in December... and we are pretty darn excited about it. I am certain he will be just as spoiled as the other 'boys'... maybe probably more.
My Creative Side: I come by my creativity honestly,  My Mama is terribly creative, resourceful, musical, and a great seamstress. My Dad is musical as well, an amazing cook, and an engineer/designer. It was no shock to anyone when I announced I was getting a Music Degree, when I fell in love with Theatre, when I became obsessed with the Food Network, or when I requested a sewing machine for Christmas. I feel like I come alive when I am creating something, and I love that glorious moment when inspiration hits... and Ideas you have in your head become tangible. Whether my medium is fabric, paint, pastry, or song, I love creating all kinds of things and sharing/giving to others. I decided to create a blog to chronicle and share my creations with friends and family.

Random stuff: 4 is my favorite number, Purple is my favorite color. I hate when people crack their knuckles and I don't like pudding or olives. I could eat pancakes every day. I think red shoes go with every outfit. I like things that are shiny and sparkly. I'm a bit of a space cadet. I have a really hard time spelling the word 'because' (usually I write 'becuase'... sigh). I LOVE dressing up and costumes!

KIM in Bye, Bye Birdie - A NUN in The Sound of Music - BOYLAN SISTERS in Annie

JIMMY AND MILLIE at a Costume Party - PICK-A-LITTLE LADIES from The Music Man - TRIO from ONU Variety Show