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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DO THIS: ...Because you never make me cookies.

My husband and I have this joke... because I love cookies of any kind and always always want them, and he is not a bag fan. I'll have a cookie craving and start begging for cookies, and he will shake his head no, and then I say... "Z, You NEVER make me co-oo-okies!!!!" In the whiniest voice ever.
And it's true, he doesn't. But he always laughs at me when I say that to him. The only kind of cookies he will make are slice and bake from the store... which, despite Pillsbury's best efforts, still taste like the plastic tube they came in. (To those of you out there who think you are passing those things off as homemade... drop the charade. We all know. Most of us don't care and will eat plastic flavored cookies when the other option is no cookies, but please stop lying trying to say they are from scratch, so we can stop lying pretending to believe you.)
This is by no means a new or earth shattering idea... but was a small, AHA! moment for me the other day. While you are already in the mess of making cookies... double batch that thing! Then use your cookie scoop (or rolls balls of dough) to make a pan of cookies (unbaked) to pop into the freezer for a few mins to set up, then you can throw those things in a bag and store in the freezer for your next cookie craving.
Last night when Z got home, I showed him the bag of frozen, unbaked 'cookies' in the freezer, so the next time I whine, "...You NE-EH-VER make me cookies!" he can prove me wrong. Yay.

While we are on the topic of bags in the freezer, and the like... I may be behind the time here, but the ZIPLOC vacuum freezer bag has pretty much changed our life (and our food storage).
This thing is a freezer bag with a small valve built into the upper corner... and it comes with a hand pump. So you can basically vacuum pack ANYTHING you can fit in the bag. We have used it to store and freeze uncooked bacon and meats. Blocks of cheese (NO MORE MOLDY CHEESE! Which I know is... kind of a contradiction.). Coffee beans. Fruits and veggies. Leftovers. All kinds of stuff! 
It's a little bit pricier than our normal off-brand zipper bags, but we have already saved $$ from food that has not spoiled, so that makes it worth it. It's pretty great. And my husband gets a kick out of using it too, which means he occasionally helps put food away after a meal... so it's pretty much worth it's weight in gold.

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