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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In the spirit of full disclosure... I feel as though I should blog about today's fail.
It started as a brilliant organizational plan. I was organizing my 'creative space' (the corner in the dark messy basement where I pile my crap) and adding a shelf and some other great things... I have these little canvas basket things... that were inherited (well, left in the house by the previous owners) and the fit perfectly on my shelf. Cool. But they were... um... yucky. Spotted and dirty from toiletries and dirty hands grabbing the little pulls on the front. But I carefully inspected them and established the canvas /plastic combination would survive some spot cleaning and a trip through the washing machine with bleach to well, just make me feel better about using someone else's thing.
Spot cleaning... successful. No indication of what was to come.
Popped them in the washing machine with bleach to clean those babies up... as it turns out the sturdy side I determined must be thin plastic... was actually thin cardboard. Thin cardboard that disintegrated and went everywhere... so when I opened the washing machine to find my clean canvas buckets... POW soggy cardboard bits everywhere.
What an absolute MESS.
I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. No clean canvas buckets... no extra organization in my space... and no free time to enjoy my organized space tonight... because I am cleaning up soggy cardboard tonight. (SIGH)
I took no pictures. Okay, maybe I did... but you will not see them, because it is a tragedy.

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