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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sam is 3 months old!

Samuel at Three Months


at birth: 9lbs 2.7 oz
three months: 12 lbs 8.5 oz


You like to eat all the time. Allllllll the time. Babies your age should be eating 4-6 oz every couple 3-4 hrs... but you prefer to eat hourly. Wow! You get frustrated nursing very quickly these days, and I have a feeling that may be on it's way out, but (with formula supplements) we made it to 3 months, so I feel good about that accomplishment. We'll see where it goes from here.


I'm a little bit scared to say this out loud, because you might hear my excitement and decide to change things up-- but you are sleeping through the night! As soon as I thought you were on a schedule at 2 months, you threw that out the window and started sleeping longer and longer between your 12 and 4 feeding. And then you just said, who needs a 4 a.m. feeding? And mom agreed! Who needs it? Then one night you decided you didn't need food at midnight either... so now you usually go down for the night at 10 ish and sleep until 7. Which is amazing.
You don't have a very regular napping schedule during the day but we are working on that. Mom is just elated about the night sleeping thing.


Sucking on your hands... looking at your hands... wiggling your hands... your hands are the newest and greatest thing in your life.

When Daddy gets home from work. That's a good time. Actually, both you and daddy get pretty darn excited to see each other.

Wi-Wi and Cha-Cha. (what Daddy has started calling the dogs for you) You have started to notice them when they walk in the room. sometimes we let them sit next to you and you touch them with your feet and smile.

Other babies. We met a couple other babies and you smile and stare in fascination. Other babies are awesome.

Clean diapers. You scream your head off about dirty diapers, and you fuss when you are getting them changed, but as soon as that fresh clean fabric hits your bum you are all smiles and giggles and happiness.

Talking, telling stories, singing and dancing with mama and daddy.

Looking at yourself in the mirror.


Waiting for food. You are still exceptionally impatient about that. 
Sleeping during the day... much to mama's dismay.
When the music stops at church. We can't get you to sit through a service at church because as soon as the music portion is over you get hacked off.

Binkies. You are so over the binkie. Put that thing in my mouth and I will spit it in your face. The binkie is a liar and you hate it.


Rolled over! It was a freak accident and you rolled from back to tummy and scared the poop out of yourself and cried. You haven't done it since, and I don't think it will happen again for a while. But you do like rolling up on your side to sleep.

Special talents

You have a special radar for when mom and dad are about to sit down for a meal, and regularly time a meltdown for just that moment. Which usually means mom eats a cold dinner... sometime later in the evening. SIGH.

Movie star! We've been taking lots of video of you, and making special videos for family out of town. (Grandma's birthday video was particularly fantastic, in mom's opinion.) You recognize the video camera now, and won't take your eyes off it when it comes out. You are a movie star-- always playing to the camera. 

Blowing out diapers. Disposable diapers at least. You had a couple disasters (one at church!) where we were amazed and baffeld by the amount and power of poop flying out of your diapers! WOW! Time to get a bigger diaper... in disposables this past month we went from NB size to size 1, and then to size 2 in only a couple weeks. The snaps on your cloth diapers are getting further apart too. You are getting big!

Things I don't want to forget

How you are in the morning. A morning person. You are so happy and funny in the mornings. Tickled to just sit in your chair and listen to music with mommy. You giggle about everything. You squeal and play with daddy. You explore toys. Morning is your time of day and you are a joy to be with.

The way you stretch your toes in the sun when we take you outside.

How you fit perfectly and snuggle happily against my shoulder.

And here's some footage of you at three months old.
You love to chatter and kick when mom gets out the camera, and mama loves it too. 

Sam @ 3 months from Valerie Pogemiller on Vimeo.

It's so fun to watch you grow and spend every day with you. We love you so much Sam.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sam's weekly photo project

When I was pregnant I took a picture each week of my growing belly. (By the end I kinda regretted documenting how uncomfortably huge I was... but... you know.) After Sam was born I continued the process. No, not pictures of my belly... but weekly pictures of Sam.
I got my inspiration from here, they took weekly photos of their daughter in a white onesie, then photo-shopped in the number. It's amazing how much our little man has changed in just the short 12 weeks since he was born.
So I got little else done the first few weeks of Sam's life... but I got a picture every Friday to document our growing little man.
(I love the little legs that are at the same time chubby and scrawny!)

Someone asked me how I am going to find that many back drops... I think I can do it, I have a small stock pile of fabric to draw from. (And I delight in buying fun new 'boy' fabric too!)

Also, I have been learning more about using my camera and using photoshop to edit photos. Not that I am a pro at either, but I kinda think my skills are slowly improving.
Z asked, "Are you going to do this every Friday for the rest of this kid's life?"
Okay, no. But I want to make it to 52.
(weeks that is... not years. 52 weeks. 1 year.)
We even have seasonally or holiday appropriate shoots... (which doubled as our christmas cards, and valentines, so that was helpful!)

I've actually been really enjoying our weekly photo shoots. And I think that Sam is enjoying them as well...
Except for when he doesn't...
(oh, tell me you can resist that little pouty face?!?)
Sam has so many expressions and so much personality! This is a fun way to document his changes. Check back here every so often for more of the weekly photo project!