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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So my Husband made changes to the blog layout... and now the title is not centered. We don't know how to center it. In some browsers it doesn't show the whole title image as 'One Sassy Housewife' Some of you might only be seeing 'One Sassy House'
Anyone know how to fix that? We're stumped!

EDIT: Well, now I think I got the whole thing to show up, but it's all fuzzy. Blah. This is why I'm crafty... and not computer-y. I don't know how this machine operates. Get me my sewing machine!


  1. I have a pretty wide screen and it looks centered to me... Looks great, actually. :)

  2. After double checking, it does just say One Sassy House...

  3. Now it's One Sassy Hou... :( I like the sparkles, though.