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Friday, September 24, 2010

LOOK AT THIS: Silhouette Giveaway! Are you kidding me?

Okay, I am not giving away a Silhouette (Sigh... if ONLY)... but PRUDENT BABY is! Can you believe it? Such a prize! Such generosity! Such wonder!

Think of all the options and inspiration if you got your hands on one of those things! The empowerment of resources of unimaginable craftiness! To push a few buttons and create this:

Vinyl decor
Or this:

Gorgeous cards and paper crafting

Or this:

Or... ridiculous endless options! Glass etching, heat transfers, scrapbooking... Swoon.
I have been lusting over one for quite some time now, but with the current school payment situation-- well, it ain't gonna happen for a LOOOOONG time. But to be so lucky as to enter a contest to WIN one? A giveaway? Someone might choose me to have one based not on merit or talent or need... (actually... I don't know how they are choosing the winner. I can only hope it will be an unbiased, random system that I can somehow rig to only select MY name as the winner... )
To check out more about this amazing machine go to the Silhouette Website and look around for a while. Be prepared to gasp at the amazingness. To learn more about this GIVEAWAY follow the link to the site. While you are there check out the Prudent Baby blog (I seriously enjoy it... all the random fun commentary and creative fun projects.)

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