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Friday, March 1, 2013

OSH Revisited: Swingin'

This is the second installment of One Sassy Housewife Revisited! I decided to go back through some of most popular posts and update, address issues, or expand on the concept. You can see the first OSH Revisited here.

Posted last July, Swingin' has been-- by far-- my most popular post, largely thanks to Pinterest. I mean, you people go crazy pinning that thing! (I am so glad you like it!)
We still love ours. It gets used often... and taken all over the place too! My mom had one of those cheapy nylon draw string backpacks that she had gotten free somewhere, and we discovered the whole thing fit easily inside. An unexpected bonus to the swing? Easy to transport.
A few weeks after completing the swing we took a trip to Iowa, and took the swing along. Here Sam is swinging on his other grandparent's deck.
And then a few months later we took a trip to CO. We rented a cabin there for the week, and we threw in the swing because we thought it would be fun for Sam-- it was!
My dad was able to tie some rope around a large beam in the ceiling of the cabin, and Sam got to swing INSIDE. He loved having the prime spot in the middle of the room where he could watch everyone doing whatever they were doing. (Don't panic... I know he looks close-ish but he came no where near that fire. He was an extra-safe distance away at all times.)
So Sam's swing is great for travel. 
Sam has developed a love for being and playing outside, and this winter has been killing him. He stands at the window pointing outside and looking hopeful. I tell him it's too cold to be outside, but he doesn't under stand, he just wants to play! There have been some milder weeks, and so we bundle the little dude, and he gets all excited to be outside playing and swinging, even if it is chilly.
This one was on super bowl Sunday. (Look how big he is!) Anyway, all that to say that we have and still are thoroughly enjoying the swing.
And if my site stats are telling the truth-- so are you! I have heard from so many of you that you made one for your kiddo, grandkids, niece, friend... I am so glad so many kiddos are enjoying these beautiful handmade swings. You all are awesome! (Haven't seen the original post? Check it out here-- handmade swing with full tutorial!) That is the reason I wanted to revisit this post (it was not JUST about more gratuitous pictures of my kid-- though isn't he the cutest?) I really really would LOVE to see what you have made.
So I recently made a flickr group called 'You Got Sassy'. This is a group where you guys can upload and share Swings or any One Sassy Housewife inspired projects you have created! I hope hope hope a lot of you will participate, because I am dying to see what you have made!
If you go to the top of the page under the header, there is a new tab called "You Got Sassy". Clicking that tab will take you directly to the Flickr group page and photo pool. Or you can get to the page with this link: www.flickr.com/groups/1sassyhousewife
You will need to sign in to flickr, you can do that with a yahoo, facebook, or google account, or you can create an account. Then you will need to become a member of the group, do that by clicking the blue 'Join this Group' link under the group name. You will have to agree to the rules (no biggie-- just keep it clean, guys. Respect your work an other people's work by only posting photos you own), then once you are a member, click the 'add photos' link under the group name... and you're in business!
I know many of you are familiar with flickr, but I thought I'd quickly run through that, because some people (Hi, Mom!) give up if they don't have step-by-step instructions. :)

So there's that.
I am excited to see the swings you have made! I am excited to see the other things you have made! Anyone doing fancy Mani's? Did you make Abominable Snowman Cookies? Did your grandkids love playing with Sponge Bombs? I know some of your little men are sporting Bowties.  I want to see what you're up to... so come jump in the (photo) pool with me!


  1. Thank you So Much For The Pattern I Love The Swing And So Does My Granddaughter! Posted Pics to Your Flicker Group.

  2. You have done a great job breaking down the project. I WILL be making one soon and I will post the pics asap!

  3. have you had any issues with trying to climb/lean/wiggle out of the swing? I was thinking about trying to add a 3-point harness but wasn't sure if it would be needed

    1. My little guy hasn't come close to wiggling out. The swing seems to be deep enough that even leaning out would be difficult. It would definitely be simple to attach a harness or belt to keep the kiddo nice and secure-- that was actually my original plan, but once I set him in there, he was secure enough I didn't feel like I needed to.
      Please remember safety first, and use the swing only with close adult supervision. :)