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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WE MADE THIS: Flower girl dress!

I recently got married... and we DIYed just about everything. (before you go getting impressed, let me temper that outrageous statement by pointing out that is was one of the most simple, understated weddings I have personally ever attended... but it was still beautiful, and thats why is worked.)
One of the many things that gave us sticker shock during wedding planning was flower girl dresses ("$200 for an 18 mos girl's dress??? Oh, HECK NO! There is not even an entire yard of fabric in that thing!") My mother is a very talented seamstress... so I started collecting pictures and handed them over to her. Here are my inspiration pics:

My mama sewed dresses for my sister and I when we were little, so I am pretty sure she was happy to take on this project. She confidently stated that we could make this happen.... and so armed with 40% off coupons we traveled to Hobby Lobby and bought a pattern and a couple yards of fabric to make a teeny tiny dress for our sassy little flower girl.

My Fabulous mama cutting out little dress pieces.

I may look as though I am enjoying myself here... but i was pretty unhappy about gathering that stupid skirt! I am not nearly the seamstress my mother is!

Naked dress

Completed dress. LOVE IT! I just get a kick out of the giant size flower... it was so sweet. :)

Like many 18 mo children... Charlotte wasn't thrilled about staying still for pictures... so all the pics we have of her are action shots! :)

Loved the way it turned out and the precious little girl who wore it!

(And for those of you wanting to know... Total Cost for this custom made dress: $19.00)

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