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Monday, August 16, 2010

SEW THIS: Monogram Applique

So this is a quicky tutorial and a sneak peak at my next project I am going to post... Oooooh...
So I have been wanting to figure out the who applique thing for a while. I am big into monograms... especially for baby gifts and the like I think it's super cute, and what a lovely personal addition! So this was my first attempt... and it worked out pretty well.

You need:
2 coordinating fabrics and thread in a contrasting color
fusible adhesive

1. So because this was my very first time... I chose a nice easy letter, which also happens to be the first letter of my name: V. Found a nice looking font on word, and printed it out the size that I wanted. Then... there is this little trick i learned in grade school for tracing... turn your image over and scribble a nice think line all around the border of the image you want to replicate. Then flip your paper over on top of the paper you will transfer it to (in thes case, the paper backing on the fusible adhesive) and then trace the outline of the object on the right side... VIOLA! it shows up. (Note: I learned by trial, not careful planning, that if you are using this method to create a letter or an object that needs to face a specific direction, make a mirror image... otherwise it will be all backwards!)
I had to re-do this one as a mirror image... because when I am done the 'paper' side will be the back side.

2. Iron the fusible adhesive to the wrong side of your fabric, and once attached, cute around your shape with the paper backing still on.  Next peel the paper off the back, place it in the correct location on your 'backing' fabric, and iron into place. 

3. Thread your machine (AND BOBBIN!) with the same color thread and move your settings to the smaller closest zig-zag you can do... mine was actually on the button hole setting. Stitch slowly around the side of you shape... and then iron it nice and flat when you are done...

HOORAY! How cute is that? I know, it's a little rough around the corners there at the top... but it was my first try. :)
So how excited are you to use appliques to make personalized gifts, clothing, or.... maybe if you come back later I will show you what I did with mine (and we can answer my husband's question: Why is there 14 lbs of hot pink play sand in my basement?!)

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