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Friday, August 27, 2010

Wish List

It's my birthday today... so I thought I would go ahead and post a wish list of things I have been dreaming of. My heart desires:
  • A wooden changing screen (Like this or something i could re-fashion into that-ish... I'd love some damask in there...) to hide ugly parts of my house (my parents had one sitting in their attic for years, and I asked about it the other day, and apprently they donated it to the community theatre just a few months ago. sigh.)
  • A 4x6 card box to hold recipe cards... (something simple like this, or AMAZING like this)
  • "old farmhouse" style windows to put in my kitchen-- holding pictures or recipe cards, or other things that inspire me.
  • A nice camera and some photography skills... my little sony is great to keep in my purse and snap random moments... but I'd kinda like a really nice camera (you know, like a step or two closer to professional) and the skills to justify having it.
  • Organized craft room (I have a corner of the basement abyss. sigh)
  • Turquoise paint... because I am really really inspired by turquoise and red right now, and want to paint a bookshelf...
  • Miter box saw. A Valerie-sized one so I could actually complete a few projects without begging daddy to cut stuff for me. I suppose this is also a wish that would include 'skills to use said equipment'
  • ...more time to accomplish all the things that float about my head!
EDIT: Cleaning out the basement this weekend I found a bunch of scrap wood, particle board, and trim left by the previous owners (or maybe even the owners previous to them!) As well as several un-opened cans of white, grey, and orange paint. (How long does paint last?) Mmmm... projects!

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