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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

EAT THIS: Turkey and Noodles

Do you have a traditional post-holiday leftover-turkey meal? The Sasses make Turkey and noodles and serve it over leftover mashed potatoes. At least thats what I can remember my dad always making on the few occasions we actually had a turkey (not HUGE turkey fans at our house). Grandma and Dad never use recipes for anything, and true to form, I learned to cook just by watching. So we don't have an official recipe for our turkey and noodles. BUT if we did it would be an aweful lot like THIS ONE from Pioneer Woman. We use chicken stock and leftover turkey meat, instead of taking the time to make your stock and pull your chicken meat off the bone as this recipe portrays. And my dad always makes homemade noodles, but (don't tell dad I said this) the frozen ones this recipe recommends are just as good.

The stuff is just yummy, warm, and good for the soul heavy comfort food. The best part of any thanksgiving, if you ask me. (Bite back your screams of 'BLASPHMEY!' because we had a lovely traditional Thanksgiving dinner, that I barely enjoyed for being so tired and stressed about impressing my inlaws. Anyway, if you don't believe me here are some pictures:


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