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Friday, November 19, 2010

READ THIS: Excuses and Linky-ness

I have come to the conclusion that I am really bad at regularly posting on my blog this time of year. Well, especially right now. Yeah, I know, everyone is extra busy preparing for the holidays. I am no exception. But also most of the projects I am currently working on are for holiday gifts... and I don't really want to give away the magic of a Christmas surprise if I can avoid it!
And... when I am not working on Christmas presents I spend my creative time working on costuming for MIRACLE ON 34th STREET. Which at this point isn't really exciting sewing... mostly hemming and alterations and the like. But it could get more exciting soon... as we make head gear for a most outrageous Christmas-obsessed character... and figure out how to fully wire a sweater with Christmas lights (safely).
Should be... AWESOME.

Also, I just realized that I left a teaser about my vinyl and haven't taken pictures or posted a tutorial for that AWESOME project yet... which was really so simple it shouldn't even require a tutorial, but has me wondering why I didn't make one of these YEARS ago... Oooh... now I've peaked your interest, haven't I? ;) I'll see what I can do about getting that on here tonight for your viewing pleasure.

In other news...

I learned how to make bias tape using this BIAS TAPE TUTORIAL. No, I don't have one of those fancy machines... I have the $4.00 gadget that works just as well... but gets REALLY hot working in close proximity to a steamy iron. Just FYI.

Buuuuuut... while I was just over there getting that bias tape link I saw THIS on the website... and got RIDICULOUSLY excited about it. Anyone else use noisy tennis balls in their dryer? My husband thinks I'm nuts. And the Naturally antibacterial-ness of the wool? Learned something new. Little obsessed.

Also working on some baby gifts right now... and THESE BEAUTIFUL COLORS inspired this:
What IS that you ask? Oh, it's just onesie soup. Oh, I dearly LOVE dying stuff. :) (I know ya'll are thinking fall is nearly over, why are you still dabbling in happy fall colors? Well to you I say... I still have 7 solid days of fall until winter/Christmas hits us SMACK in the face. Soooo... I'm taking it!)

And... I've been fascinated with felt food for a really long time... found this website that has a lot of great PATTERNS FOR PLAY FOOD (felt, crochet, knitted...) it's pretty cute. During a recent chat with Santa (yeah, we are close like that) I learned that one of my favorite little Monsters is getting a play kitchen Christmas. I think he might need some food for that kitchen, and I am always happy to help Santa and the elves out, you know, provided I get my own Christmas sewing done first. ;)

And just in case you feel it's been too long since I have posted a picture of them, I love these three lazy boys more than ANYTHING.

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  1. We have been using noisy tennis balls in our dryer since I learned it isn't safe for babies to be exposed to fabric softener. :)