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Sunday, November 21, 2010

SEW THIS: Baby Old Man Pants

I had to make a baby gift. It was for a baby boy, and all the baby gifts I have been making recently are for baby girls... sooo... had to come up with something new. I decided on an outfit, and decided to learn how to make a pair of pants. Never made a pair of pants before... but how hard can it be???

I know that buying a pair of pants defeats the purpose of making a pair... but i was at walmart and I could buy a pair of baby pants for $2 or a pattern for $6. So I bought a cheap pair of pants and cut them up to learn how to sew them... if that makes any sense.
I wanted some grey knit for my baby pants, and as i already mentioned, i was at walmart so i popped over to their fabric. No grey knit. Actually, no knit of any kind. Urgh. GREAT. Skip the fabric dept. What do they know? Off to the men's dept where I procured a size XXXL grey t-shirt for $3. Perfect. (BONUS: I have enough material to make about 2 more pairs of infant size pants out of that t-shirt.)
I didn't go at it completely alone. I read THIS tutorial on MADE a few days previous, so i had a general idea of where I was going. Not gonna re-invent the wheel here with my own tutorial for these, Dana's is great. Check it out.

I thought to be fun i would add some 'old man' pockets lined in flannel. I call them 'old man' pockets. My mom informed me they are called 'patch pockets'.  But I think they look like old man pants (like... as in 'Aw, look at the cute old man on the park bench') and are exceptionally adorable in miniature size. (or, you know 0-3 months). For my first pair they turned out pretty good. Once I had a plan (and could pull myself away from a convo with my mom) they probably took only about a half hour to put together. So in a way they are also kind of like instant gratification sewing, which ya'll know I like.

 So there you have it. Cute, comfy, casual Old Man Baby Pants. (And that was a lot of alliteration for someone like me.)


  1. Those are so cute! Love the pockets. My kids wish they had you to sew for them...