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Monday, November 8, 2010

SEW THIS: Late Night Checkbook Cover

It had been 8 days since I had touched my machine, and I was starting to twitch a little. I was in the basement and I was so close to it. I was supposed to be doing laundry while my husband re-arranged his library... but I couldn't focus on folding clothes when she was calling to me. I missed her too. But I didn't have anything I could pick up at a moments notice available... sigh.
I went upstairs to get something out of my bag and sighed at I pushed the ugly torn blue plastic checkbook out of my way, mentally reminding myself to dig through the mess downstairs for that extra plastic one I had seen floating about...
But wait! Who wants plain, navy, tear-able plastic when they could have fabulous, ruffled, flowers and dots??? Inspiration! I rummaged through my fabric pile pulled out some scraps and went to town. It felt good to be sewing again, it felt right. :)
15 mins later I had this little baby:

Cute right? Stylish... Sassy... and much more durable than blue plastic. Not perfect (my ruffles swoop, huh?) but apparently last night was not about pinning or measuring it was just about a girl and her machine. :)
It was simple. A square with pockets and some top stitching... would anyone be interested in a tutorial... or is this pretty self-explanatory?
Anyhow, I got my creative fix, and I like my cute new check book cover. I showed it to my husband... who was less than impressed. "I'm not using that." He said. Well, you can have the ugly old blue one for your checks. I told him... and he told me he would just let me handle the checkbook and come find me and my fancy cover if he ever needed check. Even better idea, Chief!

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