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Saturday, December 4, 2010

LOOK AT THIS: A Christmas shopping trip

This weekend I am in IL visiting my dear friend and college roommate. We spent our day yesterday shopping... and it was the perfect Christmas-y shopping trip ever. There was just enough chill in the air to make your cheeks tingle when you entered a warm festive store... but not so cold out that strolling down the sparkly lit tree-lined street was uncomfortable. We walked in and out of quaint shops and boutiques while sipping egg nog lattes... and hit some of the biggies too...
Like Pottery Barn, where I spent my time lusting over festive and cozy stuff like this

I love these ornaments made from sheet music... I would LOVE to see some made with music from The Messiah. Had I found such ornaments in the store, I am pretty sure I would have lost it right then and there.

This made me squeal a little with excitement

I also really love this happy holidays banner as a garland for the tree... mmm... pretty...

Then we headed into another Lust-worthy store. William Sonoma where I found these lovely things:

If I had several of these, I wouldn't need ornaments on my tree, just ribbon and some lovely copper Christmas cookie cutters. Happiness. And while we are on the topic of copper loveliness:
Try not to drool on your computer keyboard. We also found these for B's nerd big brother:
hahaha, LOVE IT.

Sooooome... other things? This adorable pet boutique called Two Bostons:
They had a full pet bakery with precious Christmas and Hanukkah cookies for your four legged friends. I wish I would have taken pictures, SO CUTE. I also found these that I really wanted to get for the boys:
Their Dad would have been so proud. :)
And last but not least, we visited my girlfriend Ann Taylor, and while I can only afford her beautiful clothes when they are on super ultra clearance in the outlets... I did find a little something in the store that I decided needed to find it's way into my BFF's stocking this Christmas...

Ann Taylor Possibilities fragrance is our new favorite. Apparently B felt the same way about this item as I did, because we each left the store with one in our bag, told each other Merry Christmas, and toasted our eggnog lattes to another Christmas present checked off the list! :)
I didn't think I could honestly dip any further into Christmas charm and Spirit, until I woke up this morning to a fresh coat of thick sparkling white snow on the ground. Contented sigh.


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  1. Val - I'm totally living vicariously through your post! Loved this one... while I'm actually cleaning up spit up and dirty diapers, I'm dreaming of Pottery Barn Christmas too. :-)