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Monday, November 22, 2010

DO THIS: Freezer paper stencil

As discussed in my last post, I was working on a baby gift, and I had to make a departure from the land of sugar and spice and everything nice to snips and snails and... mopeds.

Okay soooo... I had a red onesie that I made HERE to go with the Old Man Baby Pants I made HERE. And I knew I needed to do something to this to make it cute, but you know, in a totally manly way. I decided I would try my hand at some freezer paper stenciling... because I've been curious for a while, but fabric painting of any kind brings about flashbacks to summer camp t-shirts covered in neon pink and orange puffiness and glitter. And scrunchies, for some reason.
Anyway... trying to get my brain in boy mode... puppy dogs, airplanes, and dinosaurs... er... trains, cars... no... wait! A MOPED! Love it.
Downloaded a pretty simple shaped and because i don't have one of those fancy machines a lot of ya'll have... I went about mine the old fashioned way and taped my paper to a mat and cut it out CAREFULLY with a x-acto knife. Slow and tedious... but not too bad.

There are... lots of tutorials about freezer paper stenciling out there, you don't need my tutorial, but check out Jessica's  right HERE from her blog Running With Scissors. Very helpful.
I was pleased with the results from my very first attempt... had a little trouble with the front wheel, but nothing too bad. I just think the moped is good clean fun. Everyone got a good giggle out of it. Why are mopeds so ding-dang-funny?

I paired the onesie with the Old Man Baby Pants and wrapped it up. Baby boy gift = Mission Accomplished. No scrunchies neccesary.

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