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Monday, March 28, 2011


WARNING: The following images area little icky and perhaps not suitable for the faint of heart.

What do you do... when you are sewing and you sustain a minor yet grotesque sewing related injury?
Well, after after yelping in pain followed by immediate panic that there may be blood on your lovely lovely ivory easter dress... you survey the damage, and then blog about it!
Let me set the scene for today's story. Here I am sewing along, while jamming out to some Linkin Park [I'm not a robot- I'm not a monkey-I will not dance even if the beat is funky--] (don't judge me). I am overcasting the edges of my lining like a good little seamstress. Necessary but monotonous. I am humming along with my music and my machine is humming along with me, and we are all having a pleasant time, the BAM. 
And the little pain sensors in my brain start zapping me... and before even looking at my finger I grab it and squeeze it tight in the palm of my other hand. I'm pretty sure I glimpsed blood and after a momentary freak out while I ensure none of that drippy red stuff made it's way onto my garment I check out the damage. I knew the needle had made it into my finger at least once at high speed and so I was preparing myself for what was most certainly going to be a crude amputation.
And though my finger was most certainly pulsing dramatically it was also most definitely still intact, and not at all the bloody mess I was expecting. Rather, I looked down to discover a rather impressive blood blister quickly forming:
Yikes. This is what it looks like when the needle goes about 90% through your finger... 
In the second picture you can beside my [chipped] nail where the needle actually entered my finger. It's kinda cool in a super gross kinda way. Just thought I would bring the EW factor up on my blog a little... Anyway. I put a bandaid on it. Even though it's not actually bleeding I am not taking any chances with the lovely ivory fabric ALSO featured in this post (it's in the background of the gross finger shot... all blurred and whatnot like I am a photographer skilled with my depth of field and whatnot... except I'm not. How come the only time I have gotten that to work nicely is a gross blood blister finger shot? That seems ironically unfair.)
Okay... back to sewing. Now that I have thrown myself a sufficient blog pity party for my injury.

Should you feel so inclined you can send your sympathies along with flowers, chocolates, or sewing notions to Valerie's Finger, c/o The Sassy Housewife.


  1. ew!! ouch! i have nightmares about this happening to me...

  2. How awful! I also fear this happening to me someday. I can't believe you're making an Easter dress...that's awesome. I thought I might maybe try to make them for my girls. We'll see.

  3. Wow! I sewed through my finger once...the needle went into my nail and came out the other side of my finger - it was a size 18 needle! Didn't leave any battle wounds like yours, however.