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Monday, March 14, 2011

Magic School Bus Sweater

I had this sweater that i get at an Ann Taylor outlet a couple years ago.
I really liked it and wore it often... but it was white and after a couple years became kinda dingy and frumpy. It even had a few stains.
but i really liked the style and fit and was not willing to give up on it.
So I got a big plastic tub and a box of Golden Yellow Rit Dye.
Mixed according to instructions and let it stew in my bathtub for a while. When it came out it was the color of... The Magic School Bus.
It was BRIGHT my friends. I am talking Ms. Frizzle would say it was a bit loud for her tastes.
Anywho... I had to tone it down. So I stole about 10 teabags from y husbands stash (shhhh... don't tell him, the man loves his tea)
made a really strong hot tea, and put the whole things back in my tub to brew for another half hour. then rinsed and dried and...
Well, it looks a lot better. It does. I know you can't tell from my fantastic photography done on my lumpy bed in lovely incandescent light probably all while I was yelling at stupid little white dogs bouncing across the furniture... Anyway, it worked.
And I don't really have any pictures of me wearing it-- but trust me I wear it all the time. It's my favorite sweater. It brought new life to my wardrobe and just makes me happy.
But makes me wonder how many other pieces in my wardrobe i could breath new life into with a box of dye... hmmm...

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  1. I would be afraid to wear it, because I am afraid of anything that's not neutral, but it's beautiful and so you!