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Monday, April 4, 2011


Did I find the prettiest pair of shoes in the most lovely blush shade to go with my easter dress???
Did I get super ridiculously excited and fall in love immediately and plant in my brain that no other shoe would ever be as lovely or as perfect for this particular dress on this particular occasion?
YES! I did!
When I clicked the link, did they have said perfect shoe in my perfect size?
NO! They did not!
Oh, the horrors! Tradgedy and travesty has befallen my perfect plan! The universe has turned on me. My life unfair and unhappy. I cried. I wailed and moaned. I lamented my terrible fate quite publicly. Nothing would ever be the same again, I told my bff. Did she feel horrible about the situation?
Of course, She did!
Did she immediately right all that is wrong in the world and locate the same pair of shoes on another website, in the correct size, for about fifteen dollars less and free shipping?
Oh, happy day! The sun shall shine again and brighter than it has ever before shone! Choirs of angels shall dance and sing and my feet will be shod with loveliness come Easter Sunday! Hooray!

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