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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dilemma and delay

Ugh. Ever working on a project but you don't have a 7 inch zipper?
So you go rummaging through your stuff a second time... nothing.
Then you rummage through your goodwill bag to see if there is a zipper you can pull out of something... and you come up empty handed.
So (and even though you are not proud of it) then you rummage through your husbands close to find something with a zipper that 'needs' to be sent to the goodwill pile...
Still nothing.
So now you assess your state. It's 11:00 on a Saturday morning and you haven't showered yet because you have been sewing all morning while your husband is gone. the husband will be home in about 1 hr and you are trying to figure out if you shower, get yourself dressed and to the store and back with an 7 inch zipper will you have time to complete your project before he comes home and ruins the one person sewing party thing you've had blissfully going all morning.
Okay. You could probably make it. If you go now.
But you are blogging about your dilemma instead of going...
Go go! Go now! Stop Blogging!

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