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Monday, January 16, 2012

One Month

Oh, Baby Boy, I can't believe it has already been a whole month! The time has flown and you are changing and growing every day. And yet I feel as though I have known you forever. Like... you have been part of this family for ages. There couldn't be a more perfect little man to fill our hearts.

Samuel at One Month

at birth: 9lbs 2.7 oz
one month: 10 lbs even!


at birth: 19.5 in
one month: 20 in


It took you two weeks, but we finally turned you into a boob man. You nurse about every 2 hours-- exhausting!-- and then often cry in between until you get a little formula bonus. You seem to think you are always hungry. I guess you had some time to make up for those first two weeks you didn't eat well. You had some weight to make up too... but you are healthy and eating like a good boy now. And... mom is thrilled that at least one of her boys likes food she makes.


If only you would. Your schedule is sporadic and unpredictable. Sometimes you might have a similar schedule 2 or three days in a row, and we are all, hooray! our kid is on a sleeping schedule. And then the next day you totally mix it up just to throw us off. You like to 'fall asleep' in someone's arms and just when they start to think about laying you down because you've been OUT for a half hour, you crack a lid open and give the look-- try to put me down, I dare you.
Mommy tries to let Daddy sleep at night since he works all day, but by morning, she is exhausted from the up and down and three ring circus she performs for you trying to get you to sleep each night. Sometimes, if Daddy is home in the mornings, he will get you out of bed and go downstairs where you snuggle on the couch. You like that. You sleep like the dead for several hours, and if she had the energy mom would be super bitter about it.


Sleeping on your side. You are not supposed to, according to the doctors, but you love it. If you can wiggle your way into a side position you can. Daddy thinks you will roll over soon, because you can already roll up onto your side by yourself-- scares the poop outta mom.

Daddy. He's totally your favorite thing in the whole world. No joke. You love digging your fingers into his hairy chest. You will stop whatever you are doing and look around whenever you hear his voice. You love sitting on his lap while he plays video games. When he gets home from work you go from screaming demon child to happy cooing and kicking little angel. You love your daddy.

Movement. Your mamaroo. Car rides. Swaying, bouncing, and dancing. You are a little man on the go. You like to be moving constantly. 

Singing. Mama sings to you all the time. Your favorite song? Silent night. You were born at Christmas and that's what I would sing to you... it seems silly in the middle of January, but it's still the one that calms you down the fastest.


Being alone. If people are around... you want to be as well. When you wake up alone you scream. sometimes you just want to sleep in the same room as all the commotion, even though I am afraid it will keep you up!

Having your arms confined. We can't swaddle your arms. You hate it, and scream and cry until they are free and you and chew on your hands or throw them above your head to sleep. 

Waiting for your dinner. You go from dead asleep to screaming bloody murder in about .2 seconds and you want dinner just that fast. Sometimes when you see the boob come out you get so excited you will hyperventilate and shake your head back and forth in a panic. It makes me laugh every time.

Special Talents
Removing socks. No matter what kind we put on you, you can take them off.

Un-swaddling yourself. At least your arms. We call you Houdini baby. You always get those arms out.

Throwing your binkie. I will give it to you in your crib, then walk in the room later and find it 4 ft away outside of the crib. How do you do that?

Peeing on Daddy. Okay, peeing on anyone, but Daddy seems to get it more than anyone else. Guess he hasn't figured out the quick switch diaper change yet.

Charming the pants off of everyone you meet. Seriously, you are handsome as anything, and we aren't the only ones who think so. Strangers come up and compliment you, and you blink your big eyes at them, and every one melts. We are completely smitten. 

Things we love...

...your "ooh" face. We coo at you constantly to try and get you to raise your eyebrows and form your mouth into that tiny o shape. It's everyone's favorite face you make.

...skyping with family to show you off (Aunt Melodie... Grandma and Grandpa P...)

...taking naps with you. The grandpas are especially fond of this. You sleep so soundly on their chest and they stretch out and enjoy nice peaceful sleep with baby Boy.

You are perfect and we are enjoying watching you learn and grow every day... just don't grow too fast, okay?

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  1. Wish I'd gotten the memo on the plain onesie photos. :-) Loved reading this post!!