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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Felt Food!

Sooo... remember THIS post where I told you about the felt food I made for my little friend Dawson? Well, I was over at his house the other day and decided to get those pics I never took before of the rest of it...
We searched through the toy bins to see what we could find, but... this picture is missing a piece of bacon, a cookie, and two strawberries. Which is actually kinda a shame because the strawberries were precious.

I hand-sewed all the 'sprinkles' on those cookies... my husband just watched shaking his head (You're making WHAT?) But the broccoli was most definitely my favorite. Fun and cute and healthy. Woot. Maybe I'll make tutorials for more of these things someday... you never know! :) 
Anyway... just thought I'd share! 

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  1. awesome. i approve of both the sprinkles AND the broccoli. :-)