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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MAKE THIS: Last Minute Gift Idea-- Zipper Bows

Spent my evening working on some last minute projects before Christmas. I am sure you have seen zipper flowers, bows, and details on all kinds of clothes the past couple seasons. These little zipper flowers are super easy to make and a cute embellishment for your clothes, hair, bag, dog... whatever in your life you feel needs some extra pizazz!

I used THIS video tutorial to learn how to make them. I had tried them a couple times before watching the video... and it was not working out. I watched the video and I went... OHHH! I was doing it backwards all along... and THAT is why they were all wonky. Anywho... I know now.

My mom was the one who suggested the little gemstones in middle... which I think is cute. (I used be-jeweled brads that i bought in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby, but then was considering how many mis matched pairs of stud earrings I have that I should have used instead... oh well)

Add a pin or a headband or a hairclip to the back... and definitely attach it to the top of a package this Christmas. I am sure your recipient will be quite excited.
Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. These look fabulous...especially with the metal zippers and sparkles. Merry Christmas!

  2. LOVE them!! So cute & creative :o) - Tonya

  3. Valerie, God has certainly blessed you with an abundance of talent in the creative field! These are so awesome! Nice job!
    Donna T.