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Monday, December 13, 2010

DO THIS: 12 Days til Christmas!

My Niece Lexi is one of the goofiest, smartest, creative people I know. We are so blessed to have her in our family. She brings energy, excitement, and laughter into all of our lives.
Last night our family was sitting around after dinner when she asked if we could sing Christmas songs. Of course! And my mom sat down at the piano. What do you want to sing?
Lets sing the twelve days of Christmas...
...But lets make up our own!
So we start singing... On the First day of Christmas...

But let me interrupt this story to tell you about my Dad. My dad is a Notorious Giver. haha. The man dearly LOVES to give to people in every way he possibly can. Be it time, service, food, money, or gifts, his greatest joy in life is giving. (And giving ang giving) He loves to give. He loves to spoil his kids and his friends kids... and over the past year or more that Lexi has been with us, she has quickly learned how to use her charms to get in on some of that spoilage herself. And Dale Sass is overjoyed to do so. (How could you not be, though... Lexi is a darling, beautiful, happy, wonderful girl that we can't help fall in love with!) So it goes without saying that if you were penning your own version of a song about someone giving gifts... If you have ever met Dale Sass, you know the logical choice for the giver in the song would be none other than... Dale Sass. So back to our song...
With no further consultation, we all burst into song singing... On the First day of Christmas DALE SASS gave to meeeee... (and then burst into a fit of giggles that we all instinctively inserted my dads name into the song!)
And we went along giggling and arguing and telling stories while composing the song as we went. At one point my Mom started chiding my father for his lack of participation in writing the song. And he came right back with-- I'm participating! I'm giving all these gifts, aren't I?!?! More fits of giggles.
So the last verse of the song went like this:
On the twelfth day of Christmas Dale Sass gave to me....
Twelve Awesome Presents! (she was pleased with the present selection in the song by this point)
Eleven Yankee Candles (My mom had a lovely one burning in the other room we had just been admiring)
Ten Red Roses (because Dad like to send flowers to his girls)
Nine Hippopotamuses (My favorite silly Christmas song!)
Eight Christmas Ornaments (we have a VERY full tree of keepsake ornaments, as everyone in the family gets a new one each year for mom and dad's tree)
Six Power tools (this was Z's addition, as that is his favorite gift from my dad!)
Five GOOOOOOLLDEN Ribbons (because there was a big gold ribbon tied around a package that Lexi had her eye on wanting to open all evening...)
Four Hula Hoops (the gift my mom requested for Christmas that everyone thinks is hilarious!)
Three Seasonal Sweater Vests (an ongoing joke for my sister who is a teacher...)
Two Maggie Dogs (My parents have an obnoxious Maltese named Maggie)
And a Pink Pony in a Purple Tutu (Lexi's creation!)

It was really a lot of fun. We spent a long time giggling while creating this song that is unique to our family. Are you a little jealous? Maybe you should sit down with your family... and be sure to include the silly kiddos... and create a Christmas carol unique to the givers and gifts for your family! :)

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  1. This is my first time to your blog and I had to post. The other day, I was asking my kids if they wanted me to make them breakfast. How about pancakes? Then my 11 y/o son whips out (to the 12 Days tune)"And some syrup to go with that!" So on the spot, we sat down and wrote our Twelve Days of Breakfast song, in which each verse ends, "And some syrup to go with that!" MUCH fun!!