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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LET'S TRY THIS: Online Holiday Cookie Exchange

(Soooo... I know I don't have a TON of followers here, but I thought I would try something and see if ya'll would participate with me, Come on! It's Christmas!)

 It's the holiday time, and we always have holiday parties to attend. I never like to show up empty handed, but I always wonder if my friends are tired of the same cookies every time. See I have a fabulous Christmas cookie recipe... but i have to be honest. I am getting a little bored with it.

Do YOU have a go-to cookie recipe, or a family favorite, or something that your friends always request the recipe for? You wanna have a recipe exchange? (If your answer is no, will you participate just to make me happier anyway?)

Here's how we'll do it, in two easy steps:
STEP 1: Email your favorite holiday cookie recipe (and a picture of your cookies/sweets if you have one) to onesassyhousewife@gmail.com Be sure to include your name, and blog if you want a link back! Please submit this by MIDNIGHT on Sunday Dec 12. (That's right, starting now you only have 5 days to accomplish this!)
STEP 2: Check back next week on Monday, Dec 13th for Holiday cookie recipes from bloggy friends! Hopefully we'll have lots of participation and inspiration! :)

Are you excited? I get excited about cookies! I am super excited, right now, looking at those yummy PICTURES of cookies... or maybe I'm hungry... hmmm...

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