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Thursday, December 9, 2010

LOOK AT THIS: Nativity Parade

Char, at Crap I've Made is hosting a Nativity parade, and I just HAD to participate.

 I love showing off my Christmas decor, and I especially love my nativities. Actually, I first fell in love with my parent's. They have a huge set that a friend made for them, all white glazed ceramic. It is my favorite. As kids we would always get to set it up and we would pull each piece from it's wrapper and hope that we were the one to get to the baby Jesus of the Angel first. Those were our two favorite pieces. I also really love all the animals my parent's set includes. It's pretty much my favorite nativity EVER.

I have two in my home. My mother gave both of them to me. The first is from the first Christmas I had my own apartment. I wanted a nativity, but didn't have the money to purchase one. My mom saw this one in a book order (she works for a school) and purchased it, because it was cute and made us giggle. It folds into a box-- a GIFT, if you will. It opens to a little clay nativity.
I know it's a little simple, and meant for children, and not PC and all that... but i just think it is so sweet. I love all the little details too...

The hair and the tiny ears and toes... I just love it. The sheep are precious too.

And the very best part, a very white little baby Jesus (ha!)... cozied up in his manger looking oh-so-happy to be here. I am happy he is here too!

I know... it's a little childish, but I just think it is so sweet. I love this little nativity, and I can't wait to share it with my kiddos... you know, someday.

My other nativity I received last year as a Christmas gift. I tried desperately to find one like my parent's, but seeing as how theirs was custom made... no luck. I like the fact that theirs is neutrally colored. That works well for me because I change my decor frequently :)

This is the willow tree set... and it's just the 'starter set' nativity. But you've got all the important people... Jesus, Mom and Dad, and animals. And a Shepherd, who is... awkwardly sized in comparison. Not sure if Mary and Joseph are hulking figures, or if the Shepherd is just an especially petite man... either way, there it is. It's simple, so I put some green and lights and sparkly things behind it...
I like how it looks lit up.
This one sits on my tiny mantle... I was going to put it out on the buffet... then remembered that the buffet is a ginormous piece of furniture and my set is very small. So it went on the mantle.

I like it there though, it seems... intimate. Which is kind of what I guess the event it represents was like. You know, as well as being crazy, dirty, loud, smelly, and kind of the weirdest thing that had ever happened to any of the original participants... definitely not elaborately dressed and visits from kings and one or two well behaved animals that we like to put in our nativities...
Be that as it may, Nativities are a lovely tradition, and a wonderful reminder of what we are celebrating this season! Thanks for letting me share mine... And Merry Christmas!

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