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Friday, September 23, 2011

Pinterest Challenge: Jessica's Crib Skirt

Just this morning, my friend Jessica posted pictures of some of her latest projects on facebook. Lots of lovely, fun stuff... mostly for her new little boy, Gavin. (He's a cutie!) One of her projects she completed was for the Pinterest Challenge. Yay!
Using inspiration and tutorial she found here:
Somewhat simple crib skirt tutorial
She whipped up her own version that looks like this:

Here's a close up where it peeks out the bottom of the crib:

And the cute and funky little insert/pleat detail in the front (I love the animal print! So cute!)
Great job, Jessica! It looks so awesome! And as a bonus tip, Said Jessica about her project "I learned the hard way, 'Thou shalt always prewash and dry thy fabric. Forever and ever amen.'"
Hmmm... thats good advice that I try to fly past sometimes...
You can check out the other stuff Jessica has made HERE and her blog Pink Sparkly Singer. I would like for her to TOTALLY bling out her sewing machine so 'Pink Sparkly' could apply to that singer as well... Just sayin'. :) Thanks for sharing your project Jess!
P.S. Jessica also made the quilt draped over the side of the bed... which I think is amazing.

I hope to have more projects to share with you guys soon! You are fabulous, keep doing your thing! :)

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  1. AHH!! I love it! I'm blushing! You have inspired me that I need to be blogging more often.