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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pinterest Challenge: Amy's Organization

Amy Lee and I have been friends since... middle school? Maybe grade school? Anyway, long enough that we know way too much about each other to ever be enemies, because that would be dangerous. But that's not the reason we are still friends (I think... ). Anyway, Amy Lee is crafty and creative and has her own lovely blog Made With Love where she shares her stuff... and lots of recipes involving cake and soda for some reason. I love her, and love the fact that she participated in the Pinterest Challenge... and she definitely surprised me. I thought she'd be all about making some jewelry, or cute top, or shoe bling... but she got all organizational on me and grabbed pinterest inspiration to clean and organize. Look:
Dirty Little Secret
I bet underneath your sinks is not that clean and organized, is it? I kinda feel ashamed of my under-the-sinks now. Great.
But the Accessory Queen didn't stray too far fro her true self because her other project involved organizing bags:
Purse Hoarder
Yeah... I totally need to do this too! Just get all those bags in one location and accessible. Great Job Amy!
You should totally head over to her blog for more pictures and explanations and all that good stuff. or check out all of her Pinterest Challenge Projects and Plans ...there were quite a few more projects listed on that initial 'Challenge Accepted' post, so leave her some love and encouragement to keep working on all of those. (Because the fire pit looks really cool, and I want to be invited over for s'mores. Just sayin'.)
(Also, She could use some love and followers... becuase she regularly posts stuff worth reading. It'd be worth your time to click the 'follow' button... is all I'm sayin')
*Edit: I swear this happened for real just like this... moments after posting Amy's purse organiztion project today I got an email in my inbox from REAL SIMPLE titled "Shower Hooks as Purse Organizers" several moments of confusion followed as I tried to figure out if REAL SIMPLE was reading my blog... or Amy's... or what in the world was going on... but it turns out it is an unrelated coincidence and more evidence of the fact that Amy Lee is so legit even my favorite magazines have to go to her for great ideas and trend setting. True story. It really happened just like that. I wouldn't lie to you.

Also... if you haven't already, check out what Jessica, Erin, and I did for our Pinterest Challenge. Lots of great fun stuff! And Erin has since completed another project, and I am just in love with this HP inspired tee:
HP Inspired Shirt for Little D
Isn't challenging ourselves fun? Yay!


  1. The fire pit is actually finished. The post is scheduled to go up tomorrow! Yay!

  2. I saw Amy's challenge accepted post and remembered I had pinned that one, too. Then I realized that I had a couple of tension rods in a closet, so I grabbed one to put under the sink, like Miss Amy. It helped A LOT with the amount of stuff on the bottom of the cabinet! Thanks for the reminder Amy!

  3. After I saw this I did my under the sink too. :) Thanks for the inspiration, Amy!