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Friday, September 16, 2011


I like to pronounce it Ahhm-bee-ahhns... because it makes me feel fancy.
Fancy like the new fancy fan and lighting we have going on in Baby P's room now.
Not that the previous light and fan (lacking in the fancy department) posed some kind of risk or was not doing it's job... but for some reason Z and my dad got on this... "we need to replace that fan STAT" kick. Okay, in their defense, it was a smidge noisy, but I still think we could have balanced it and not completely blown my room budget out the window when we flipped the switch on the new fan.
Actually... that's a totally inaccurate (though thoughtfully penned, no?) statement, as the new fan doesn't even have a switch. It has a this:
That would be a fancy spaceship controller that changes the speed of the fan AND makes the lights dim. This was an essential addition to the whole new fan set up. Z wired it all in himself and was quite proud. It's also a remote that pops out of it's little holder there where the light switch previously was... so I guess if you want to turn off the light fro the other side of the room... you are welcome to take it with you and do so. Which would probably be more convenient if the room weren't so tiny.
So here's the new fancy fan:

All lit up full and bright...

Dimmed down low for ambiance

(Can we just have a quick discussion about how annoyingly hard it is to take decent pics of a lit light fixture? Yeah... annoying. And hard. Okay.) I liked this fan because of the enclosed ceiling mount. I thought it looked a little more modern and a little more substantial-- even though is was kind of a mid-range quality/priced fan. I liked the squarish blades, and I like that when Baby P is chillin' on the comfy, fluffy rug on his floor, he can admire his modern asterisk shaped fan. (I am assuming he will share my appreciation for typography in design elements.)

(For the sake of full disclosure: Yes, I laid on my back on the floor to take this picture. I wanted to get the Baby P view. My husband wasn't home, and after lowering myself to the floor on my back I panicked because I was pretty sure I would never be able to get up on my own. Hindsight can suck it. I attempted to roll to my side and scoot across the rug to a piece of furniture to help prop me up... but twisted into a funny shape that caused angry nerve receptors to shoot lightening bolts through my abdomen and back. I started yelping... and my white dogs stood in the doorway with their heads tilted the same direction and expressions that read: You pitifully stupid creature, what did you THINK was going to happen??? But I finally pulled myself into an upright position again, and everyone survived the experience. All for the blog, my friends, and all for you.)
(Also, valuable lesson learned here: Have the husband take the 'Baby veiw' shots from now on.)

I wish I had a picture of the ugly fan we replaced, so you could be all, Oh, WOW. That IS such an improvement... but ugly fan pics got lost in the computer crash earlier this week (along with the pics of my handsome husband actually installing it on his own... he smiled and everything for the picture. It was charming and priceless, and now it is gone. Pout.) so you will have to imagine an ugly, dirty, builder's grade fan on our ceiling. Did you imagine it? Go ahead, do it. I'll wait...
See, now, isn't that an improvement? Now that the room has ambient lighting and quietly moving air and remote controls... we are ready to move on to other more DIY-y projects.

(Bonus: if you are clever and observant you have seen a sneak peek of the wall color in several of the last baby room posts... It's seriously the prettiest color EVAR. It makes my happy! Can't wait to show you more.)


  1. The fan is awesome. The remote is awesome. LOVE the paint color.

    P.S. I'm glad you survived the "baby view"!

  2. Thanks! We are loving it. Even though it's not finished, it's already our fav room in the house... and we go in there just to hang out sometimes. :)