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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Handmade Baby Love

The room is coming along. But there are delays along the way... (like the basement flooding?!?) keeping me from completeing projects within the time frame I plan on. Sigh.
Currently mid-project are the curtains, but becuase of the basement situation, I can get to my sewing machine right now, as there is a matress on top of it. Whoa. Not good.
In other news the Husband and I just celebrated our 28 and 26 birthdays (respectively) and you'll never ever believe what I got for my b-day!!!
Isn't she lovely? And she makes just the prettiest seams and I feel all professional and a little bit invincible! This should speed along some of those baby projects... no?

Anyway... in the mean time I have been putting around ETSY becuase it is addictive and fun... and found lots of fun handmade baby stuff that my child just might need... Wanna see?
Lets start with this little dude... cute no? And Mama P loves that is is wool (remember my natural fibers love and how we especially love the naturally anti-microbial properties of wool?)
And I love this handmade wooden rattle... you can have it personalised with a name phrase or whatever you want. I love the dark walnut: (they have lots of other way cool wooden teethers and toys in their shop as well... you should definitely check it out.)
 I think this dinosaur graphic is precious:

 Hopefully you won't be too scandalized by this next item, but I'm having a boy. I hear these can be handy... and I especially enjoy the 'green' print:
And while we are admiring green things... I am pretty taken with this mobile. It looks light and fluttery, but would be a stunning addition to my nursery, no?
Have you ever found yourself lost on etsy creating a wishlist of wonderful things for your loved ones (or... ahem, yourself?). I kinda love it. Tell me what you found...
And I will keep working away at my own handmade baby projects and have something to share with you soon!


  1. LIKE! I didn't hear your basement flooded ... sorry to hear that! Bummer dude.

    Glad to hear your ideas are coming along. Isn't it fun??? My biggest thing was a wall graphic from Leen the Graphics Queen but she's not on Etsy...


  2. I'm so sorry your basement flooded! I think water problems are the worst thing to have to deal with.
    A shiny new serger? You are invincible now. I admit my jealousy.
    Also - some "advice" from a mom who has a boy....I wouldn't waste time / money on the little tinkle tents. I mean, you can - and you totally need something, especially at first - but we just used a wipe we were going go be using anyway. Less to remember, less to carry, less to wash. Toss when done!
    I'm sorry, was that awful?
    Finally, that hippo is one of the cutest stuffed animals I've ever seen!