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Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Space Design: Part 1

I am not much of a decorator.
But I want a FABULOUS room for my kiddo.
But I have to work within a budget.
I hate budgets. SO restricting.
And I love them. It's kinda like a challenge... how will I make my dream room happen for that much?
Even before we thought about Baby P ever being a part of our lives... we were saving $$ for the day he might. That being said, it's not like the project is bankrolled... but I have a respectable $400 to work with for my Nursery. Some of you might be in shock to be limited to such an amount, some of you might wonder what you would do with all the surpluss... I am somewhere inbetween. It is a budget that is enabling and challenging for me at the same time. Soooo... Thats where I am at.
I know I can stay within that budget with some thrifty and crafty projects... and a little bit of luck. (cross your fingers for me!)

Every project has to start with some inspiration. In this case I found pictures of two different nurseries I really liked. And I would love to have exact copies of either of these rooms in my house... but thats obviously not going to happen. So I went through and identified the elements in each of these rooms that really spoke to me.

Photos found HERE and HERE

1. I really like this wall color... for boy or girl. The pale, soothing, blue/green color is lovely, and still 'baby' without being immature or obnoxious
2. I like the bold pops of color and design added by accent pillows throughout the room
3. (hard to see on the left) fabric line basket... probably for laundry? I would probably all a liner in a bright coordinating fabric, anything to make laundry more appealing, right?
4. BOLD patterned rug... I love it. Particularly the black and white, I am sure Baby P will find that fascinating too. :)
5. Cute, quirky, unique and 'boyish' touches, like this dachsund lamp. Cute and fun.
6. (Hard to see in this pic, but...) Coordinating, textured bed skirt brings in more color and layers texture and patterns.
7. Chunky, textury, rug or throw.
8. Comfy, but modern looking chair/rocker (with more bright throw pillows)
9. Bold/bright patterned drapes to the floor add height to the look... as well as color and texture layers.
10. Lime/aqua color combo is lovely, I love that they chose to paint the ceiling (and also the inside of the closet, not pictured) with the aqua color.

I am not much into 'themes' and 'baby' looking nurseries. Jungle animals and winnie the pooh and especially owls splashed accross the walls and the bedding make me wildly uncomfortable. I would like something that is colorful, but soothing at the same time. Something with layered patterns and textures that is interesting to look at. But also (and maybe most importantly, as after Baby P, I will probably be seeing the room more than anyone else...) A room that I think is pretty and appealing and comfortable to be in.
What kinds of things do you find comforting, relaxing, interesting, or appealing in a room?


  1. If you go back to Young House Love they actually have a tutorial on how they made the Faux Sheepskin Throw. I KNEW you would love their nursery. When you are ready for a painting party, let me know and I'm in.

  2. I'm on the same page as you...I hate the themey things. We did some jungle accents in Gavin's room, but mostly the theme is green and blue. So handmade is kinda the way to go. Plus it's kinda special to see your kiddo enjoying all your hard work...not something from China that was mass produced and sold at Target(I still LOVE Target, though).

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.