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Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Space Design: Part II

I don't really like the word 'nursery'. I am not really sure why. It conjures images of many screaming snotty nosed children in an understaffed room at a church that smells like dirty diapers and stale graham crackers. Or something like that. I can't bring myself to call Baby P's room a 'nursery', it just grosses me out. So we have been calling it Baby P's room, or 'the baby space'. Hence the title of these posts.
That was only a little off topic.
OKAY. The other day I shared some things I liked about other baby spaces... today I would like to share some things I would like for mine/an inspiration board I am working from as I design the room. I was trying to get a good feel for all my colors and design ideas in one spot... inspiration board! (this is the first i have ever put together, so I know it's a tad shoddy and slapped together, but it's serving it's purpose even if it's not beautiful.) My over-all vision for the room is a soothing, creative place with lots of interesting, layered textures and bold prints. Did you follow that?

Anyway, It looks like this:
1. Mirror: I actually found a turquoise blue, round tiled mirror at HomeGoods. It was the first thing I purchased for the room. It was the perfect color, just a little shine and whimsy, and completely lovely and inspiring. I spent more than I should have on one piece... but it was my inspiration piece! (cue baffled husband shaking his head at me.) The one I purchased is not the same as pictured here, but similar, but way cooler. :)
2. Tile: we were at this icecream shop a couple days after we found out we were pregnant, and they had pretty little green glass tiles all over the walls, and I loved it. I told Z I was going to tile the baby's room. He said NO. Spoil sport. I was walking through Home Depot the other day, and I saw similar green glass tiles (meant for a back splash, or bathroom, or something) and I was like... hmmmm... I already have a blue tiles mirror, I wonder if I could tile something else in the green. I love the texture and the look and think it would be a lovely addition. I may attempt some picture frames or something, verdict is still out.
3. Throw pillows: I want throw pillows and some chunky blankets about the room. I want it to feel super cozy. I loved these particular throw pillows because the colors were perfect and i thought the numbers were adorable.
4. Rug: Hmmm... yes, this is the same rug in the picture from the previous post. I... love the BOLD pattern and the fact that it's black and white... I hear kids are supposed to like looking at that junk. Considering bold black and white curtains as well.
5/7. Furniture: This is not our EXACT crib and dresser, but very similar. In espresso finish like this. Brushed nickel hardware. There is some debate over whether or not it's okay to put black and white with espresso brown furniture. I say, it's good, the wood is a 'nuetral' in the room, not a 'color' in the theme... if that makes sense. Z says, you can't put brown and black next to each other. Period. What do you think? We also purchased an upholstered rocker in a beige-y color. I wanted white, Z said absolutely not, we would never keep it clean. Then I lobbied for aqua or green, and Z made the point that I would change my mind about color at least 6 times within the first year we bought it, and I would be unhappy that I hadn't chosen a neutral color that would transition easily into a different room. So boring beige. But I did sway him toward a lovely, fat, texture-y corduroy. So I feel like we both came out happy (plus, we found out AT THE REGISTER as I was biting my nails over the extravagant cost... that the rocker and ottoman we had selected were 20% off!!! At first I asked the lady if she had rung it up wrong... nope, it was a sale. I did a happy dance. The chair came in right at $100 under the budget I had set for us. We are furniture shopping rock stars, just in case you didn't know.)
6. Fan: This would be a random accent, but how cute and perfectly colored would an aqua vintage fan be? I have got my eye on a few online... if you see one at a thrift store, snatch it up for me, please and thank you!
8. Ottoman Pouf: Our chair has an ottoman... but I love the chunky knit and pop of color this knit pouf would add to the room. I am thinking something like this, or a bean bag or something squishy to put in the corner with all of Baby P's books would make a lovely book nook for reading time... especially as the squirt gets older (tear, I am pretty sure that thought already breaks my heart) and needs a place to flop down and play.
9. Fun Accents: Yes this is also the same Dog Lamp from the previous post. I am in love with it. I probably won't have this lamp, but I love the idea of fun, quirky accents throughout the room. I am not a 'theme' kind of person. There will not be a 'dog' theme because I like this dog lamp, or a 'penguin' theme because I think I giant stuffed penguin in the corner would be hilarious... but no themes, okay? Fun kitschy accents... yes. Themed baby rooms... no. Glad we are all clear on that now.
10. Wall Color: After much deliberation we selected this cool, kinda aqua-y blue color. I painted a sample on the wall, and it's perfect. I can't wait to get the whole wall covered. It's gonna be awesome.
11. Closet color: Yup, we are painting the inside of our closet. We are also ditching the closet door that has been broken and annoying forever. And my handy daddy is coming over to help us put in another bar and some shelving, so it will look kinda like a built in rather than a closet and I am hoping that will help reduce the temptation to shove and hide stuff in there... because there will be no door. The color is bright and happy, and is a lovely POP next to the more subdued blue hue. It's going to be great! :)

And... that was a lot of text. Did you stick with me? If you did, you get a gold star. YAY.
Other things about the room: we have a dresser and a bureau (with 11 drawers of luxurious space to fill with baby things!) that I am re-finishing. Yup, using what we got, rather than breaking the bank for new 'baby specific' stuff (i.e. changing table... yeah, we'll just put a pad on our dresser, and I think everyone will survive.)
Also I have decided to make my own bedding, rather than buying an expensive set. I get to customize my patterns and won't have items I don't want like... crib bumpers (which are, at best unnecessary, at worst a suffocation hazard.) I will be making a few other items, like a hamper liner, coordinating changing pad cover, etc. with the help of my mum. Because we are crafty and sew-y like that.
I have my eyes out for cool mobile ideas or just interesting stuff to hang from the ceiling about the room so Baby P's little eyes don't get bored.
We have an ugly ceiling fan in there. Yucky looking brass and white. Z won't let me get rid of it... we don't have the $ in our budget to replace it... I am thinking of spraying the brassy part black. Or maybe everyone's fav ORB, if Z wins the black/white/brown argument.
Z is rather concerned I am going to make the room 'too pretty'. And while I too desire that it be masculine and appropriate for our Baby boy, I also kinda feel like, other than our child, I will be spending more time in there than anyone else. I want it to be a room that I find comfortable and appealing as well. I am fairly certain our infant will not suffer too much gender confusion from an occasional paisley print thrown in with all the manly stripes and whathaveyou.

Now it's opinion and input time:
How do you feel about the black/white against brown wood furniture scenario?
What items were essential in your baby room, what do you wish you had skipped?
Was your baby room one you spent time in and enjoyed, or just for sleeping and baby business?
What kinds of items did you thrift or create yourself for your kiddo's room?
Did you catch the understated announcement earlier in the post? Don't know what I'm talking about? I'll give you a minute to re-read-- try that last paragraph-- I'll wait.


Did you catch it?
Ah! Clever you!
That's right, Baby P is a BOY. We found out at our first sonogram a couple weeks ago. (I was nervous about finding out, and made the tech double check about 4 times. She was confident in her prediction and sent us home with reassuring anatomy pictures of our little munchkin.) We couldn't be more excited to have a little boy. We think little boys are extra amazing! (I kinda thought it was a boy all along, so I felt pretty good about being right. HA!)
So now... we are just crossing our fingers for red hair...


  1. I think you know how I feel about black/brown...in my world it's a no. How about the rug with deep brown instead of black, same for the curtains.

    And I was thinking...for that gorg green tile, what about covering the top of a side table in it, for next to the rocking chair maybe? A fun way to bring it into the room.

  2. I knew it!! I guessed a boy. So glad. Sweater vests and bow ties, baby P, watch out!

    :-) This post was fun! Your inspiration is coming right along.

    1. Black and brown is VERY european. It goes. Trust it.

    2. Crib bumpers are NOT necessary. For a newborn. But, when said child starts scooting and crawling ... chubby legs and feet do get stuck between the bars and causes screaming at naptime. I didn't anticipate this 9 months ago. Just thought you might want to know (we got a breathable barrier for L now. No nap-chubby-leg issues. LOVE!!)

    3. Names are a secret? Have you picked any out (even if you aren't sharing?)

    Yay half-way!! Good job Mama P!

  3. A boy! So exciting! No opinion on brown with black/white (although I've seen it done nicely). I agree with Lisa M on the bumper thing - they're actually recommending against them now for tiny little ones, because of SIDS risk.

    Have you seen those mobiles where it's just the frame and strings, and you can attach whatever you want to them? My sister-in-law has one, and she's done super cute oragami-type stuff, different for each baby.

  4. Amy- Love tiling a side table! Don't know if we will have space, though. Have you ever tiled before? I don't even know how. :)

    Lisa- Name is a secret until his birthday! :) Until then, we will continue to call him our Baby P

    Danielle- I would love some kind of interchangeable mobile! I can't com up with anything life changing yet. SIGH.