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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Space Design: Part III

(And decidedly the least exciting post of the three... but i thought it was at least worth sharing.)
If you have been about the blogging scene at all, you probably have heard about Pinterest. I was a little late to the pinterest craze, but once i was on board, I was hooked. For those of your who don't know much about pinterest... it's like crack for list makers. (ha!) It's an simple, visual way to catalogue ideas and images you find on the internet. It's also... a HUGE time suck. (just being honest here, don't say you weren't warned.)
However... it has been an invaluable tool for me as I have been collecting ideas for Baby P's room... and so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share what I've found with you. (*Note: I am not advertising for Pinterest, I am not being paid to share this. Pinterest doesn't even know I exist, I could drop dead tomorrow and pinterest would never know the difference. I just enjoy their site, and wanted to share with you!)
On my Baby Space Inspiration Board, I have everything from cool rooms I would like to emulate

To toys and mobiles I think are creative and inspiring:

Source: etsy.com via Valerie on Pinterest

To tutorials and patterns for projects I want to complete:

Fun, right? And helpful?
You can check out my whole BABY SPACE INSPIRATION board with TONS more ideas and inspiration if you wanna see what kind of things have been flying through my brain. (If you wanna become a follower of my junk, that would make me feel extra special too!) 


  1. I can't really get into Pinterest. Maybe I've missed the point somewhere along the line or maybe I'm just too impatient. But I do like the things people come up with on it!

    Anyway, I thought I'd tell you that the crochet-ed jelly fish creep me out a little bit... Real ones do too, so maybe that's my hangup. :-)

  2. Real ones are scary as crap-- but fascinating to me at the same time. And I think they are pretty.
    But I am weird. :)