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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Boy Bow Ties: Part 2

Yay! More bow ties! I tell you, friends, these things just make me happy! So in Little Boy Bow Ties: Part 1 I showed you how to make the bow part, and promised we would discuss the tie part later. Well it's later. Aren't we excited?
There are several ways you can make the neck strap for your bow-tie. Today I am going to show you how to make an adjustable strap using bow tie hardware. The hardware is not really easy to find. I searched my fabric stores and came up empty... searched online and didn't find much, but I finally found what i was looking for HERE, and I thought it was pretty reasonably priced. Shipping was fast and I am pleased with the product... so there you go!
Anyway, if your fabric store is better than mine or you happen to get your hands on some bow tie hardware, this is my fav method. easy on and off and adjustable for a good fit. Each hardware set has three pieces, a hook and eye, and a slide. You'll see how it works...

The hardware I have allows a 3/4" width for you fabric band. So I cut a piece of fabric 15x2.5 inches
(don't be like me, trim your selvage, please.)
Fold it in half length wise, right side together and sew (.5 inch seam allowance)

(again... don't be like me. Measure, pin, all that stuff my mom taught me how to do that I ignore forget sometimes.)
I like to iron my seam open before turning it right side out.
Turn your long skinny tube right side out (I used a safety pin attached to one side, fed through the tube, and then pulled out the other side) Press.

I didn't put my seam right on the edge... though I would recommend right on the edge, or in the middle. This will be on the back side of the band... it probably doesn't matter, do what you like!
At this point your bow is made... but you haven't tacked down the center of the bow tie... so you can just feed this piece through the back.
Don't tack that in place yet! Okay... get your little hook...
You'll want to fold that raw edge under and... (um, please ignore my lovely crunchy dry cuticles.)
Sew in place. Your sewing machine may be lazy like me! like mine is, and yell at you about sewing through that many layers of fabric, but you can tell it to suck it up and do it's job. That's what I told mine, at least. I kinda almost helped. Next you are going to put the slide on the other end... (see the arrow?)
(note that we are looking at the back side of that strap, and you can see 1 bar of the slide. On the front side you can see two of the bars) And then load the 'eye' piece on after that.
And then you will loop the strap around and go under the one bar of the slide a second time. (not really difficult to do, just difficult to photograph...) See the arrow pointing to the slide?
That short piece sticking up you are going to tuck the raw edge under and then sew it down... (again, awkward to photograph.)
Do you see the slide in there still? Note that you are just sewing the loop to itself, not through the rest of the band... you should be able to more the slide along the band to adjust the band size when you are done.
And then... you tack the bow to the band (a little off center closer to the hook side so you have plenty of adjusting room.) and...
Admire your lovely finished product: A fully adjustable, fully adorable bow tie for your favorite little man. YAY!
They are just so fun. Oh... and... try not to squeal out loud when you realize that cute black and white print bow tie is... what is that print??? Is that text? What th--
It's totally a MOO bow tie. Fabric remnant compliments of my MIL. I die. Serious cuteness and hilarity and genius all going on here in one tie. LOVE.
Anywho... hope you will give this bow tie method a try, it makes for a very nice, professional look. Let me know how yours turns out! :)


  1. These are SO cute. I'll have to figure them out, thanks for the tutorial. That MOO fabric is just darling.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a useful tutorial related to bow ties online india

  3. Thanks so much for this tutorial. It was super easy to follow, and I whipped up a cute little bow tie in no time!

  4. I wanted to let you know that I used your pattern this past summer to make matching bow ties for the boy cousins at a family wedding. Your link to the Wawak hardware was a huge help and the only place I could find the hardware. Thank you! I also linked to your post in my Sharing Resources Post today as part of Sew Grateful 2014 link up. http://sew-not-perfect.blogspot.com/2014/02/sharing-resources-sew-grateful-day-2.html

  5. This si a great tutorial! I have already made three! & I have plans for many more!