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Monday, August 16, 2010

LISTEN TO THIS: We're just like our parents... Oh NO!

Haha... okay, so there are a lot worse things that we could be just like, I know. But who wants to hear that they are just like their parents? Only no one.
This actually refers to a conversation I had in the car with my parents the other day. They were admiring one of my projects and discussing how impressed they were with all the things I was creating and learning to do. I figure I have to do something! For all my friends out there having babies... I'd go broke if I had to buy a gift for each and every one! I have more time and creativity than money... so handmade gifts it is. But it's not so bad... I mean, they are kind of fun and unique.
Anyway... as I was saying this my parents were just smiling... Yeah, we used to make every gift we gave when we were first married as well. My mom told me about all the sewing and crossstich project she made and gave as gifts... and my dad did wood-working projects, frames and shelves and the like... so once again, without even trying to be... It turns out I am walking in the foot steps of my parents.
And my parents are some of the greatest, most generous people I know. So I guess if I can give like they do (or start by giving like they did...) I'll be doing pretty good in life.
Z and I are richly blessed with amazing families... but it's still a LITTLE weird when you realize you are becoming like your parents... huh. :)

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