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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have a 9 month old.
So I am sure you now understand why the title of this post is relevant.
But also I have been busy trying to complete some projects for my house and a few for my friends and a few for Christmas. But progress seems to be slow, and time seems to pass by more quickly-- and we have fruit flies? That's off topic, but irritating to me.
Anyway, I can't yet show off most of the things I have been working on (sigh) but here is a sneak peak:
Does the bicycle fabric just make your heart melt? I loved it.
And ohmygosh-- is that minky? Whatintheworld? Yes, I have a strange relationship with minky. I used to be all anti-minky because it wigs me out and I dislike synthetic fabrics. But then we go to the fabric store, and Sam reaches his little hands out to the minky LIKE HE KNOWS it's forbidden... and his eyes light up with wonder at the textured, furry, softness...
And I was convinced to reconsider.
Then I touched it. It really is soft. Mmmm... minky!
Anyway, Sam and I aren't the only ones who love it-- working on the minky project, I walked away for only a few seconds and came back to find Charlie rolling in the pile of minky scraps and nibbling that stuff like it was his job. Oh, Charlie. Z has been trying to convince me that Charlie needs a special quilt made from scraps of all the special fabrics I sew with but won't let him snuggle or chew. Haha. We'll see, Charlie. We'll see.

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