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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Something I love

This past weekend my family and I went to the Plaza Art Fair in KC. This will be the second year we have gone (last year I was quite pregnant!), and I always enjoy the artwork and just being surrounded by so much creativity.
This year, I came accross an artist who's work astounded and thrilled me. (wow, that sounded less cheesy before I typed it!) I was drawn into her booth by colors and lovely vintage silhouettes, and when I got closer I literally gasped in amazement and excitement!
Lisa Norris is the Artist behind Made By One Girl, and she creates collages of vintage objects out of vintage objects. Her booth was filled with lovely vintage fashion prints made out of vintage sewing pattern pieces. It was stunning, really.
I spoke with her for a few minutes at her booth. She was really lovely. I asked her how she got started with such a unique and cool concept, and she told me after design school she had a ton of vintage patterns and items and joked that she started cutting them up so she wouldn't have to learn to sew. ha! I admire her creativity.
I just kept staring and staring like a creeper, and loving the masterful way she pieced he work together. We went to the Art Fair on a strict window-shopping only policy, but oh, oh how I wanted to snatch up pieces from her collection!
So much fun! By far the coolest thing I saw at the art fair, combining things I love... vintage silhouettes, sewing patterns, fashion prints... all so lovely! I just had to share this with you! You should check out her website and some of her other fantastic work!

**All photos were taken from Made by One Girl's website. I am in no way affiliated with, or compensated to advertise for them, I was just a huge fan, thought this was a magnificent find, and wanted to share with all my friends!

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