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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

8 months

I get slower at these each month. Sigh. I still got it in before 9 though, right? Yay me! High five!
Sam @ 8 months


at birth: 9lbs 2.7 oz
  at eight months: 21 lbs


Still enjoying solid foods three times a day with your family, and beginning to reduce formula feedings... which you enjoy before naps, bedtime, and once in the night usually between 3 and 4 a.m.


Can't commit to a napping schedule. You have been taking about three 1 hour naps every day- around noon around 4:00 p.m. and around 7 p.m. But not always, sometimes you'll throw in a morning nap and skip the noon nap-- or sometimes you drop the afternoon nap entirely and those days you're pretty grizzly.

Your sheep. Grandma bought you a big fleecy sheep for valentines day, and you have recently discovered you love him so much. He sleeps in your bed with you and he has traveled to IA and CO this month. You like to growl at him and bite his nose.

Daddy's ID ta. Your Daddy has an ID tag that he ahs to wear with his work uniform, and you are fascinated with it and always try to get to it as soon as he is home from work. He often puts it in his pocket or throws it over his shoulder, but you always find it.

Long car rides... a couple vacations this month and after about 5 hours... you are DONE with the car. (Mama doesn't blame you!)


Your first words: you have really started vocalizing and trying out new sounds, so of course we have been prompting you to repeat names. Your first word? MAMA. (beam!) Of course you said it one day and havn't wanted to say it since, but I have a video of that one day. You said Dada the next day and that's definitely your favorite sound to make.

Family reunion. We traveled to IA to the Pogemiller family reunion, and all the 'Kissing Aunts' finally got their hands on you! All of the family loved you and you got to meet some of your (2nd) cousins, which was fun!

Your first Family Vacation. We spent the week in CO at Estes Park. It was such a wonderful, relaxing trip. And while you hated the drive-- you seemed to really take to the mountains. You especially loved hiking in the backpack Mama and Daddy bought for you. We can't wait to go back. 

Crawling! We got back from CO-- immediately after a 9.5 hr car ride we set you on the ground to unload the car... and you started crawling around! We were so excited! ...for about 10 seconds then we looked at each other and said-- 'OH CRAP! We need to baby proof!' You are on the move every second! 

Special talents.
If someone sticks their hand out and says 'Gimme five!' you smile and happily slap their hand multiple times. Then you are very proud of yourself for giving fives!

Things I don't want to forget

You sing/hum to yourself quietly in the car, and also while you were in the backpack while hiking.  I'm pretty sure it's a self soothing method, but your little voice is so sweet and it makes me smile to hear it.

Walks and summer picnics with you in the park. I love your barefoot toes, laying in the shade on great grandma's blanket, and you playing with sticks. Such sweet fun days with my boy!

I had a heck of a time getting footage of you this month! You did not want to stay still and talk... you are such a busy little man.

8 months from Valerie Pogemiller on Vimeo.

Samuel, we are so in love with you, and so proud of every way you are learning and growing!


  1. So, so cute!! I can't believe he's almost 9 months old!

    1. I know, right? I just look at how big he is and shake my head. Crazy.

  2. So cute, Valerie! It is not important, the timing of this post, just that you keep doing it. I love reading it and seeing the pictures! Thanks for sharing! I love you!