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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9 months with Sam

Hey busy little boy, here's what you were up to at 9 months:

Sam @ 9 months


at birth: 9lbs 2.7 oz
  at nine months: 21 lbs 7 oz


Still enjoying solid foods three times a day with your family, and beginning to reduce formula feedings... which you enjoy before naps, bedtime, and once in the night usually between 3 and 4 a.m... same as last month.


You wake up every day around 8:00 a.m.
You nap for 2-3 hours around 11:00 a.m.
You nap for about an hour around 5:00 p.m.
Bedtime is 9:30 p.m.
If we stray from this schedule... you are a grizzly bear.

Bouncing with Grandpa (S). Everytime grandpa picks you up he turns you to face out and then stands there bouncing you. You smile and laugh and wave your arms like a maniac. You also kick your feet like crazy, and Grandpa jokes that he needs a 'nutcup' when he holds his grandson.

Blankets. Proof you are related to Mama. You love blankets. You love to play with them, chew on them, snuggle them, and you definitely will not go to sleep without one. We have these lightweight gauze blankets we used to swaddle you in, and those are your favorites, but you also love the texture and weight of your quilts and the crocheted blanket Aunt Cookie made you.
Drums. Daddy and Grandpa made you a pair of Sam size drumsticks. You love them and immediately started hitting everything in sight.

Growing teeth. I mean, who does? But you had a doozy of a month pushing those things through.


First upper teeth! Actually, 6 teeth broke through this month. It was a pretty crazy month, with two really intense weeks trying to get four through all at the same time. yikes!

First cold. I feel pretty lucky that we made it to 9 months before our first cold... but it was miserable for everyone in the house. Poor guy would only sleep in the stroller or the car, so there were a few sleepless nights for everyone pushing a stroller around and around the living room.

Things I don't want to forget

You are so busy and curious all the time. You crawl accross the room, then turn and smile at me like-- I'm just over here Mama, don't worry, Then you go about your playing.

Your sweet baby chatter. Talking and chattering constantly, but it's fun to get you up in the mornings and you see us walk in the room and smile and say Mama mam mamama or Dada dada dadadadada. We love it.

Your gummy baby smile... you have so many teeth now! Such a young man

Nine month video footage is short and sweet. You were not really interested in holding still and talking to mama for a video. But you are cute and you have your drumsticks...

I love you, Busy Boy.


  1. So precious! I love hearing your mommy stories on this blog and the other.