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Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's been a little crazy around our house. I have been creating father's day presents, which through trial and error are turning out really cool-- but super time consuming.
And then this morning at 3 am when I was feeding Sam I was going-- dang. It's Mel's b-day and I don't have a good video plan. So I got up at 7 am and started whipping up some fake cupcakes (fake=something I could feed my 5 month old child without him going into a sugar coma.)
Organic applesauce muffins with yogurt 'frosting'. The sprinkles are contraband, but it was a birthday, and I didn't actually think he would dig in like he did. That's what I get for trying to guess what Sam will do next.
Anyway, whipped those babies up and got the video in one take, edited and sent to Auntie Mel...
but my kitchen is a disaster. It doesn't help that the dogs got in the trash today while I was putting sam down for a nap. Sigh.
Hopefully I'll have more completed projects to share soon.
And I hope to have Sam's 5 month post up before he is 6 months old. But no promises. Not when my brain dreams up videos of cupcakes at 3 am.

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