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Monday, May 21, 2012


Sam, you are too little to be able to remember this, but you loved your first trip to the aquarium. You loved it even more than Mama and Dad thought you would. You sat mesmerized, quietly following the fish with your eyes, kicking your feet with excitement when one would come closer. You put your hand against the glass, and much to your delight a little yellow and pink fish followed it. You tried very hard to touch the bright red starfish stuck to the glass-- I promise when you get older we will go back to the touch pool and you can touch a starfish, okay? You and mama looked at fish from inside a bubble, and that was pretty cool-- you can even see in the picture how focused you were on the little fish swimming by, not mama or the camera or anything else going on, you were all about the fish.
I love you, your sense of wonder and curiosity, and your capacity to learn and take in new things. So glad you liked the fish, buddy.

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