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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

100 things-- in the middle of it all.

Reader's Digest, April 1968
Sooo... how's the 100 things challenge going? Is it easier or harder than you expected it to be?
For me... it was hard at first, but the further into it I get, the easier it becomes.
Yesterday, I cleaned out my jewelry box, and got rid of almost 50 pieces of jewelry! That's not the crazy part though-- after removing 50 pieces my jewelry box is still overflowing. I like jewelry, I do... but obviously I wasn't getting use out of 90% of the jewelry in that box. Sooo... cleaned up and repaired several pieces, threw away a bunch of stuff that was gross or beyond repair... and strangely I feel like I have much more jewelry at my disposal now. Hmmmmm. 
I've been thinking this week about that 20/80 rule. You know... how you use only 20% of your stuff 80% of the time? As I am sorting through my STUFF I am thinking about that 80% I am keeping around for that 20% when I might need/use it... and I ask myself, is this valuable enough to store-- taking up prime realestate in my house for a rare occasion I might need it?
And furthermore, who really needs two chocolate fondue fountains? (Yes, I have two of them-- soon to be less!)
So what do you think?
Do you think you will make it to 100 by Friday?
Do you think I will?
Do you think you will miss the stuff you are getting rid of?

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