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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Favorite Things: Mama and Baby edition

Let me throw something out there before there is any confusion: I'm not Oprah.
Glad we got that cleared up.
But wouldn't it be fun to be? To have the resources and venue to pick out all your favorite things in the whole world like like luxury foods, diamonds, and cars! and then give them away to large groups of unsuspecting strangers! FUN.
I lack the resources and venue to do that. Sorry. If I could... you would be the first person on the list to "My Favorite Things" party, and I would spoil the crap out of you with my tried and true, and prettiest, lovely finds. I promise. Just for you. But I can't. I am sorry.
Anyway, I am always on the hunt for time-saving, life-saving, and life changing products and trinkets... and I get a strange thrill out of sharing those finds with others, and that is what this post is all about. Behold, my favorite things for survival of pregnancy and new-mommy-hood:

1. This Mama Bee Belly Balm is a waxy balm that I rubbed all over that belly every day--somedays multiple times-- and it made me feel so good. Kept my skin from being itchy and weird as it stretched out huge, and I like to think that it also prevented the worst of stretch marks, although that claim has not been verified by the FDA-- just me.

2. Moby Wrap: the best known cure for infant cling. There were days where we both cried all day, because sam refused to be put down. Z would come home from work and I would nearly fling the child at him and race to the bathroom because I hadn't peed for 8 hrs. Then I remembered the Moby wrap sitting in the drawer upstairs... and... OMG life changing. Sam loves it because it's like he's being held and snuggled all day. I love it because I get to hold and snuggle him all day... AND move off the couch and have hands free to do stuff. Yes, stuff.
(We are actually rockin' the moby as I type this-- how do you like that?!)

3. When I first saw these Aden and Anias swaddle blankets I balked at the price. Are you kidding me? For swaddle blankets? Surely it's not worth it... Oh, but it is. They are super soft, lightweight, cotton muslin, and they are huge. Awesome for swaddling and cuddling, and surprisingly warm for being lightweight.

4. Hello, meet your babysitter! The MamaRoo is a bouncer/swing/babypod-- you pop your kid in there and he is in the zone where he will be for the next couple hours. You're welcome. It has 6 different movements at variable speeds, nature sounds, and an mp3 dock should you prefer your own music. Sam is a huge fan and so are mom and dad.

5. My lactation consultant caught a glimpse of Sam's bum when I was changing a diaper and and shoved this  Motherlove diaper salve in my hand. Remember how I'm a hippie? It's all natural, organic herbal salve that I can pronounce every ingredient on the list... whoa. Also, okay to use with cloth diapers, Score. And it works great. the bright red bum was gone by the next day.

6. Z got me this Languages of Mom necklace for Christmas. I love it. It's an infinity twisted circle and has "mom" in 9 different languages on it. Very cool. But what I really love is Sam likes to loop two fingers to it and hold on while nursing, which I think is super sweet. :)

Okay, your turn. What are some of your favorite things? We are trying to find a cure for stretch marks and socks that will stay on baby toes... know of any miracle products?


  1. Yay for Moby wraps! Favorite baby item of all time! I haven't tried any of the others, though - I'll have to check out the Motherlove diaper rash ointment. Did you end up buying your own, and if so, where?

    1. I got some from her, and then I just ordered more from the website, so I would have another one for the bag. There's a link to their website, and I ordered it straight from there.
      However, the shipping was super expensive. I wonder if there are other places to buy???
      Fun fact-- the product shipped from Loveland, CO.