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Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Butt Baby Pants

In my last Favorite Things post I talked about Big Butt Baby Pants.
This pattern is designed specifically for cloth diapered babies... with an extra panel and plenty of room in tush and hips for their extra-fluffy bums. Which is actually amazing, because I am having the hardest time finding pants that fit the little man right now! If we can get them over his bum, they are huge around his waist... If they fit his waist, we can't put a cloth diaper on him. No good.
I mentioned to my mom just the other day how frustrating this was to me, and she suggested I make my own. I was all... sigh, yeah I guess I will have to. And then I remembered seeing this pattern a long time ago-- before I had ever thought about having my own babies, or cloth diapering them, or how annoying it would be to find pants for my child's giant bum-- and so I looked it up again. It was exactly what I needed.
The pattern can be purchased from the website at the link above. It's a downloadable PDF. (Pretty simple process, if you've never done it before.) The  pattern itself is ultra simple-- just 2 pieces. Easy instructions with pictures. I think it would be a simple first sewing project. It comes with suggestions/customizable options--cuffs, pockets, ruffles-- for boys or girls. Basically once you have the basic concept, the options are limitless. I took the pattern and fiddled with it a little to make a flat front version, and added some of my own details.
Actually... I did a couple cheater things with my pants to make them extra easy:
I started with a pair of maternity corduroys that I hated. That's right, I HATED these pants. I am not particularly sure why I had so much animosity toward only this pair of pants in my maternity wardrobe-- but they made me feel huge and frumpy and awful and I loathed them, especially because they were the only ones that remotely fit those last horrific weeks. Anyway, I kinda wanted to start a bonfire with them, but decided this would be a better use. I cut open the legs, centered the side seams in the middle of the pattern, and lined it up on the bottom, using the hem already there. 
So now I don't have to hem my baby pants! Lazy!
Or Brilliant!
One of the two.
Anyway... whats makes these pants work is the elastic waistband and butt panel that makes it nice and roomy in there, but still small enough around the waist to keep the pants up:

I made mine a little long because I have this suspicion that he's about to have a growth spurt.
I also fiddled with the pattern to make them flat front... and I added a little detail: A fake fly and button. I totally ripped the button off the hated maternity pants too... but I think it's adorable on baby pants, don't you?

And even though baby boy looks a little startled to be in this picture, I think he likes his new pants. 

They were quite simple and only took me about 30 mins to whip up. Would have been less if I hadn't been trying to change things! I definitely recommend this pattern...
Think I'll go make a few more pairs...


  1. Oh Valerie. These are so cute! I love the fake fly and button. You are talented! The little girl I babysit is cloth diapered and is having her first birthday soon, I think I'll have to buy the pattern and make her some:) Question: how would they look without a cloth diaper?? I know some other babies...

    1. Of course they are fine with disposables as well... they just fit much looser, because disposables are much more trim. Also, you could probably adjust the pattern some to make the back panel smaller if you didn't have quite as bulky diapers.
      Happy sewing! :)