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Friday, April 15, 2011

I know, I know.

I know, I know.
I've been suspiciously absent from the blog recently. It's not because I haven't been busy. I have been very busy with one time consuing task... and another you've seen already. give me a few more days, and there will be much to share!
the most time consuming project right now has been the easter dress. Oh, how i love it. I am so excited about it! I had it 99% done. Everything but a nice easy straight hem. Then I decided I didn't like how the bodice fit... and may or may not have torn it apart with intention of correcting the problem, and not a whole lot of skill or ambition to carry through with that intention at this point. I know. I KNOW.
I have a lot of time and money invested in it at this point. So I am not giving up... I am just pouting while I wait for inspiration to hit. And I hope it hits soon, becuase you may or may not be aware that the day... THE DAY is little more than a week away. I hope to complete the garment by next Friday... so I have the weekend to celebrate with my family without worrying about my dress for THE DAY.
But right now I am pouting and the dress is in pieces. So there you go.
But look at this lovely buckle got on Etsy for it:
Do you love it? I love it. I know, I know... a buckle does not a completed dress make. But we're getting there. More to come!

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  1. Can't wait to see your completed dress! I have been thinking so much about labels lately...and realized I never got back to you about the comment you left on my blog. And how does that work anyway, if I replied would you have gone back and read it? I don't usually check comments on old post on other's blogs...anyway. I think Sass would be an awesome label. And I think it would be FINE for little boy stuff (speaking as the mom of one such little boy) and I don't think it's at all vain, or anything like that. So there's my two cents...in a fifty cent package. Sorry about that:)