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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin centerpiece

While in IA early this month, Z's parents took us to a lovely pumpkin farm for a fall afternoon outing!
It really was so colorful and such a beautiful day. I could have stayed there all day taking pictures of all the cool stuff... but I'll save that for another post. We pulled Sam around in a wagon and looked at all kinds of pumpkins and gourds... he loved it. See our little Pumpkin in with all the pumpkins?
We all selected a pumpkin or two to take home with us. Linda (my MIL) and I selected some lovely fat green ones with a fun project planned.  We made a little run to The Lob, to gather a few pretties, and when we got home, we get to work!
First, we washed our dirty pumpkins.
Then we gathered up our supplies:
Pumpkins, ribbon, burlap, artificial leaves/berries, feathers, beads, sparkly picks, wire, and a hot glue gun.
Next we sat down and layered and arranged and rearranged until we liked the way things looked... then we glued it all down and tied big bows for the top... to create fall centerpieces for our tables!
This one was Linda's and I think it turned out so fun and cute!
This one was mine... and I like the funky spiky feather and blingyness. :)
We even made a mini one for Grandma to put on her desk and she was quite pleased. It was a simple and fun project to create a centerpiece that should last the season. We were happy with the results, and I really enjoyed myself putting it all together!
Have you created any fall decor recently? Just the other day I remembered that Amy Lee and I made that cool wreath for my front door, time to get that out! And my black candlesticks to create Halloween display, maybe? Ooh speaking of Halloween... it's time to get started on the little Pumpkin's costume... FUN!

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