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Saturday, October 2, 2010

CREATE THIS: My Very First Halloween Decor

When we were growing up, we always got to participate in Halloween activities... but we didn't celebrate it, per say. We got to dress up (as something respectable, modest, or non-scary) and trick-or-treat and participate in the Halloween school parties and costume parade. My parents always handed out candy to trick-or-treaters but mom and dad never dressed up (though, i don't know why because my parents love a good costume, and any excuse they can wear one), and we were not ever the people who decorated their house or played scary music, or cackled like creepers as the children got their candy. I have never been to a haunted house (I must admit I have little desire to ever go) and my record with horror films is not great. We don't get into scary creepy stuff. And that's just fine with me.
But this year is a little different. This year I have my own home... and for whatever reason the need to decorate according to the season has struck me... AND along with one of my good friends we are planning a Halloween/costume party... and so Halloween decor has struck me as kind of fun. Still not into the creepy gory stuff... and the cheesy bright orange and purple is not really my gig... but what if Halloween decor could somehow be sophisticated and slightly spooky? That's our vision for our "Black and White" Halloween costume party... and I think this fits the bill:
slightly spooky Halloween candles
Here's how I made it happen.
I collected a bunch of ugly mismatched candle sticks. Most of them were brass... I got them at the good will for about 99 cents each. Well... the big one? I must admit, I splurged and paid $3 for her. But I loved her... look at her lovely shape! She just had to be a part of my party. (so if you are keeping track of cost, so far I have seven dollars invested in this, you could do it for much cheaper if you already have some ugly candle sticks or find them at garage sales or if you are thrifty-er than I and don't fall in love with a $3 candle stick. Sigh)
Yikes, look at them, they are kind of a motley crew.
Next I got out everybody's buddy... glossy black spray paint... and went to town on those suckers. (I actually didn't have the spray paint on hand, used the last of mine on a different project, so my large can of rustoleum set me back another $3) I turned them upside down first and sprayed from the bottom side for coat 1, just to make sure the bottoms of all those lovely ridges and curves were covered.
By the time they dried and I flipped them to apply coat #2 it was about 9:00 and dark out. I still tried to take a picture, of the FULLY PAINTED candlesticks, and this is what came out:

Creepy, no? I can't for the life of me figure out why the paint didn't show up in the picture??? Strangest thing! Ghosts! Or something. Haunting my Halloween Candlesticks! I love it!
So here's what the ladies look like all painted up and dry the next day:

So pretty and glossy and lovely... not bad as they are, but I told you they were to be my Halloween decor, so I placed them on the mantle... and let the spiders do their thing...
Then I turned out the lights for some atmosphere (and discovered how difficult it is to take a decent picture in the dark... ha!)
 I am pretty happy with the result. Actually, as I was shopping yesterday I saw this glittery black skull that was like, ooh, Halloween glam, and I really wish I would have bought it to add to the arrangement, but... that's okay. So there's my very first ever Halloween decor. Kinda fun? Slightly spooky? Maybe? A little?
Well, I like it, at least. And the whole thing went down for about $10. Which my pocket book loves!
Happy October! :)


  1. Awesome! I love your little fireplace too...I think I tell you that every time I see it ;)

  2. Awesome!!!! THey look brilliant. Totally love all of the shapes. So, guess what I'm now thinking... we MAY not be able to actually light them at the party since it is in a school. But they will still look awesome with all of the waxy drippiness!

  3. Great way to recycle the brass! :)