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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

(Marriage Saving) Menu Board

This is a really easy project that I bet you have need for, supplies for, and skill set to create. All at your fingertips! How's that? You're welcome.
Perhaps 'marriage saving' is putting too much on the shoulders of this menu board, but it has saved us from quite a few arguments and quiet angry dinners where my husband scoops the food I made into the trash because he's " just not feelin' it tonight". The unfortunate truth is we always have and always will fight about food in our house-- but having a menu written out has made a huge difference. Everyone knows what to expect on the table that evening and the picky members of the family-- who shall remain nameless-- can mentally prepare themselves to try something new, or at least sit at the table next to something new and resist the urge to throw away my food.
(BY THE WAY... if you really want to get Valerie boiling mad fast, start dumping food I've prepared in the trash. YAAAAARRGH!!!)
Anyway, back to the project at hand... I used it for a menu board, but use it for whatever the heck you want. Because tell me a room in your house where you WOULDN'T find a dry erase board useful??? You can't think of one can you?
Because you started to say-- why would I need one in the bathroom? And then you were all... oh, I totally thought of something I needed to write down the other day while I was on the toilet. And you know that dry erase board would have been handy.
Wow am I talking about things we do while on the toilet on my blog now? Things are going down hill.
SO back to the project at hand: A dry erase board!
I received this picture frame as a wedding gift. It's a lovely frame, I am sure a lot of people would like it-- but the whole 'bless this home' quote and the style are not really my gig. So it sat unused in a tub in my basement for almost two years. Then I was digging through stuff one day looking for something entirely different and saw it sitting in the tub vertically-- and I went, HUH. I've never looked at it like that before.
So I pulled it out of there to do something with it. Originally I thought I would put some cute pattern scrapbook paper behind there, but I didn't have the right size, so I grabbed a chunk of burlap and stuck it in the frame behind the glass. Then I took it upstairs, propped it against the wall, and wrote on it with a dry-erase pen, and there you have it, a Menu Board:
You could really do this with any photo frame (that has glass in it), any size, shape, or backing you like... so go make it happen.
Who knows, it could save your marriage too!

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